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Jul 11, 2011
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I'm running dozens of Flippa auctions with more to come. For a complete list, PM me.

Many are no reserve. Many start as low as $1.

Some listings include 2, 3, 9, or 16 domains.

Gamble on vanity extensions, if you want to. I am a bit. But there are still amazing deals out there in proven extensions.
Would you rather give your money to a registrar? Or to a domainer who buys from domainers?

Can you buy a .PLUMBING domain for $6? Well, somebody might own for that amount if you're all too distracted by .GURUs and .HOLDINGs to remember all the .ORG sales that happen on a regular basis!
No Reserve
2 bids

There are 250,000+ App Designers out there.
They want clients.
They seek and write tutorials.
They form organizations.

Sports fans.
Betting / Gambling.
Fantasy Sports Leagues.

Big and Tall Clothing is a Big Industry
Men + Women = 100% of their market.
.COM + .CLOTHING = enough domains to do it justice.
People shop online -- especially when they have to drive for an hour to get to a Big and Tall clothing store.

Marijuana has been legalized in several states already.
People want to know where they can get cannabis.
Everybody else wants INFO so that they can "Get Pot" (i.e. understand marijuana and legalization).

Marijuana domains have been selling well.
Plenty of room to profit here.
And dirt cheap for any developer.
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