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Aug 13, 2002
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Feedback: 326 / 0 / 0 is a premium domain in this app era: Google won the rights over the .app tld for $25M, you might own this domain for much, much less :) is actually listed at Sedo with a firm BIN of $2,400 but we're offering it in promo at just $1.500 (PayPal MassPay or through Sedo, private transaction) until next 05/03/2015
It gets some dozens of random type-ins per month, hugh money making & development potential.
Aged domain reg'd since 2000 is a strong dictionary word, no comment needed here.
Aged domain reg'd since '97 with few hundreds of random monthly type-ins but the traffic would constantly and quickly continue to grow once developed or redirected to an existing website.

It's listed at Sedo with a firm BIN of $29,800 - Offered on sale at just $20k (through, fees on us) until next 03/05/2015

Trades against another quality .com word or a nice are surely welcome.

Take a look at our full and updated inventory, link in the signature.
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