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question Are Handshake Domains The Future?

This is a general or domain name related question.

Are Handshake Domains The Future of Domains?

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Oct 1, 2022
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Handshake domains are decentralized TLDs (like .com) that may be a big part of the next gen of internet technology. 7 million Handshake domains are already registered but opportunity continues for newbies.

What does it mean that they’re TLDs? They can be used as TLDs on the few (but growing number of) browsers that support them. For instance, if you own the Handshake domain ‘Up’, you have ’up/’ as a domain in itself and could sell subdomains (such as sign.up).

Of course, these are more investments than anything!

Want to invest in some Handshake domains? Sign up on Namebase (it’s free!) to get started and find out more.
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Jul 5, 2021
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Here is what I think based on what I know, on how the internet works today.
First of all, for Handshake to be able to replace or compete with ICANN it would have to provide it's own routes and servers for the decentralized Internet to work. At the moment everyone uses the Internet through cables which go under oceans and Google map photoshops all water with blue color, to hide those cables.

Basically all this decentralized stuff is just a buzz word, because the wiring is controlled by centralized Organizations and corporations, Cables, ISP's, replace them and you can consider yourself decentralized, plus the HNS and others would have to not depend on governments and those who control them from behind.

And those who stand behind HNS and others so called decentralized orgs, are themselves prone to be or become in future like those who control the Internet today, I say this because I have deal with mods and admins of HNS in their Telegram group, not sure what I was discussing but they just removed me from that group, if those people are going to control the future Internet I say no way.

To me it's all about money and control, they want to be like some gods and have a piece of cake.
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Sep 28, 2012
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This has been tried many times.

Not going to work.

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