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news .ART Domain Registry Expands U.S. Presence with D.C. Office, New CMO, and Art Therapy Initiative


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Sep 28, 2012
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Seasoned Domain, Technology & Entertainment Exec to lead Marketing, Art Therapy Expands .ART's Philanthropic Programs

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- .ART Group today announced a substantial expansion of its U.S. presence with the opening of a U.S. subsidiary, USCI, with offices in Washington, D.C., and the hiring of veteran marketer Jeff Sass as Chief Marketing Officer. In addition, .ART has announced an important Art Therapy initiative and is in active discussions with partners, collaborators, and charitable organizations to support awareness and innovation around the benefits and value of all forms of Art as Therapy.

Jeff Sass, .ART Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Sass, .ART Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Sass was previously co-founder and CMO of .CLUB Domains (sold to GoDaddy) and CMO of Paw.com. He is also an author and has written and produced for film and television. ".ART is consistently among the fastest-growing new domain extensions. But .ART is much more than a domain extension. We are continually innovating ways to leverage our domains and emerging technologies to support artists, creatives, and the entire art ecosystem," said Sass. "Art, technology, and commerce continue to converge, and .ART is at the center of this expanding universe. I am excited to be working with the talented .ART team."

As an ongoing initiative for 2023, .ART is focused on raising awareness for Art Therapy as a vital need in the modern world. This is a logical expansion of .ART's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropic activities. "The global pandemic has become a kind of punishment for all mankind. From self-isolation to the constant fear of getting sick. No doubt, this has negatively affected the psyche of every human, whether we realize it or not," said .ART founder, Ulvi Kasimov. "Although the act of creation can be healing in itself, art therapy takes concepts from psychology and counseling and expands on them, forming a unique field of mental health treatment in itself. It's time to remember that art has a therapeutic effect and start sharing art, its practices, and impressions to begin the process of global healing and recovery."

About .ART

.ART is the internet domain for the world's art and creative community. Launched under an exclusive agreement between UK Creative Ideas Ltd and ICANN in 2016, .ART is one of the fastest-growing top-level domains for creatives, with more than 230,000 domains registered to date. In 2019, .ART launched "Digital Twin" to securely archive art and cultural object metadata. .ART's global team across London, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. shares the mission to bring technology and art together, creating a digital infrastructure for the international creative community. For more information, visit www.art.art.
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