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auctions Auction: Website + 98 Domains At Flippa (japanese Single Malt Dot Com Inlcuded )

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May 8, 2006
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This is a rare opportunity to catch 98 quality domains + website at low price as marketing has not been done and therefore exposure is low. Current highest bid is only $150. Reserve not met, but it is pretty low and it is several times lower than BIN.

Portfolio contains 98 whisky related domains suitable for quick reselling from low $xxx to high $xxxx each. You must check the list. For example, Japanese Single Malt dot com is included, and this whisky was recently awarded as best whisky in the world. You can also check Bloomberg text about Japanese Single Malt Whisky. BTW, on the list is also Japanese Single Malt Whisky dot com.

Whisky connoisseurs know that Highland is a famous whisky region in Scotland and it is known from its Highland Single Malt whisky. In the list are also Highland Single Malt dot com just as Whisky Connoisseurs dot com.
Whisky Community dot com is included just as Whisky Industry dot com. Some will search for limited edition whisky and that's why Limited Edition Whisky dot com is also on the list ;)

You really must check the whole list as some other real gems are on it.

UK and Germany are crowded with online whisky retailers and some of them will be interested in Online Whisky Retailer dot com which is also on the list. Premium Whisky dot org and Whisky Blog dot org are great names and they are on the list, but there are some even better names.

You can check how many whisky blogs are out there. You can also check how many online whisky retailers operate just in UK and Germany. There are hundreds of potential end users for these domains, and for some of the there are thousands of potential end users. You cant miss even if you buy this portfolio at BIN price.

If you have time for contacting potential end users you can easily make $xxxxx profit from these names. Or you can just wait for them to contact you which is very likely with so many quality names from the same niche.

Dont forget that last year Whisky.com was sold for 3,1 million $ and there was some other high whisky related sales like WhiskyAdvocate.com for $12500, FineWhiskies.net for $2000, WhiskyShow.com for $4000, Whisky-Shop.de for $1100, ScotchMaltWhisky.com for $1100, MaltScotchWhisky.com for $1800 etc...

Check Flippa auction for Whisky Domains dot com and place your bid. It might be winning bid ;);) Only 3 days left till the end of auction.
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