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Aug 1, 2002
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Wait. You don't know what a "barkitect" is?
It's a person who designs and builds dog houses.

Wait. That's really a thing?
You betcha. And it's big and growing even bigger.

Some dog houses designed by barkitects have cost over $20,000 (Google it). Some Hollywood celebrities pay even more to pamper their pooches.

So, you got a hammer and nails and think you know doggy cribs?

Welcome to the world of barkitecture (dog house architecture). Now you, too, can be a barkitect.

So how much is Barkitect.com?

My special price to you for the next 3 days only: $18,888

First person to reply "I want it", gets it.

Payment will be made through GoDaddy's Domain Buy Service.