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developed Be Calm | Windows Phone App | 100,000+ downloads

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Nov 9, 2003
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Be Calm and Keep Calm | Windows Phone Mobile Application
Market Place URLs: Be Calm | Keep Calm

I am looking to sell a Windows Phone application I built as a side project and have not had time to work on it because I got a new job. The app is a Keep Calm and Carry On poster generator and is top rated in the app store. I have two versions:
1. Be Calm - Free version
2. Keep Calm - Newly released a month ago, paid ad free version

  • Over 100,000 total downloads
  • 1,700 + ratings
  • Averaged 1,166 downloads per day in the past 30 days
  • Average over 2,000 unique users / day
  • Features in the top overall in the market place in the following countries in the last 30 days: Mexico, Panama, Spain, Taiwan, Italy, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina
  • Average rank for free entertainment category for this month:
    • Mexico: 3
    • Italy: 4
    • Finland: 7
    • UK: 12
    • US: 28
  • Only using AdDuplex (banner exchange) for promotion. Have not switched to regular ads so right now there is only the paid versions revenue (not very much) - Have ad stats for this as well.
  • Translated into the following languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Italian

I am only selling because I just got a new job as a user interface engineer and don't have any time left to get it to the point where it is earning a TON of revenue. Pretty much turnkey to getting it to that point.

Looking for offers in the $XX,XXX range. I am putting together a PDF sales package upon request and welcome any questions that you have.

Please send questions or offers through pm or email at Ted.Plaisted @ gmail.com

I know this is not a developed website per se, but figured someone might be interested here :?:
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