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other Bido bad experiences

This is a discussion about another domain name register/company not listed.
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May 18, 2011
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Hello all,

just want to spread my experiences with BIDO. Lately I had a domain in auction with $xxx highest bid but not met the reserve, as I checked few minutes before end of the auction.
Usually, Bido gives you the options to accept the highest bid, re-list or decide not to sell.
Next morning I found an email saying "your auction is now close with no bids"
I have submitted a ticked to find out, but not respond, until I have send another with my request of closing my account.

Their answer:


Thank you for contacting support on that matter.

The bidder in that auction was paying for their won auctions,
so we had to retract these bids. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If we may assist with anything else please just let us know.


sorry to hear that. My experience with BIDO has been ok. I have sold some (pigeon sh!t) domains on there and for far more than i would anywhere else. In general i like their marketplace, just need more exposure and perhaps remove the voting function for some time, at least until they get more users selling on there.


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Mar 3, 2014
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I had a issue with bido. it was i had a winning bidder but after winning the domain he did not paid for weeks maybe 4 weeks. i submitted tickets 3 times but bido did't replied any of my massages.

After one month i got a massage from bido that said the bidder dont want to pay for the domain so we are closing the transaction.One more issue with bido is all there mails get into my spam box i am not sure about this issue if its there issue or mine.
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