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Aug 13, 2002
Quick clearance of quality domains sold for few dollars each due to a drastic reduction of our domain portfolio, to decrease our renewal and maintenance costs.

< UPDATED ON 28-SEP-2013 >

Prices include free renewal of all listed names until 2014 - Note that .CO renewal fee is around $29 each and we'll cover it at our full charge.
Free push or transfer, it's up to you. Due to the extremely low prices (and involved renewal costs), prices are firm and not negotiable ... but they're real steals at
these levels.

All .co are sold at just $40/each - All other TLDs at just $22 each

>Miscellaneous (English/Spanish/French Names & Premium Acronyms):
C****** -Sold
F****** -Sold
P******** -Sold

>Strong Italian dictionary words (Premium names w/unlimited development & SEO potential): -Business -Mobile Phones -Dices/Craps -Market -Furniture -Loan/s (Home Loan/s) -Shop -Passions -Restaurant -Travel

>Popolar Italian towns/cities/regions:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Soma names "might be" no longer available at the time you'll inquire about them for multipe reasons: expired (and removed from our account) or sold outside DnForum
We'll confirm domain availability before asking to submit payment.
All payments are due within 48hours from the time your order will be confirmed.
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