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Big Package Sold In Bulk: Websites + Domains & More: ...

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Aug 13, 2002
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This's a real deal considering we're getting out of the "website business", don't confuse it with our main activity, the "domain business" where we'll continue to be more active than ever.

Well, we're accepting offers for this bulk package (we'll leave you direct access to the server to transfer anything with all calm, you'd have upto 30 days of time to transfer them):

*2 big developed portals (full content + domains: (Reg'd since 2001, PR5) + (Acronym in Italian, hundreds of thousands of acronyms and meanings, mainly in English). More details for both portals here but disregard the asking price, they're not part of this more attractive deal:

* (the domain might be useless but the website is really attractive, take a look, you'll get both): multiple affiliate programs, we'll leave the full account, one of them should still have some $xx in it.
Users can book hotels, flights, hire cars, search for coupons & more ...
Multilingual portal.

*The full content of (we've dropped the domain but the portal is a real social game network, including 60,000 attractive games playable online, many in 3d + some features to allow the users to interact with each other). The content is of about 1.1Gb, you'll be able to adapt it to any game related domain.
There're many ad spaces, diff sizes and positions, easily customizable from the admin panel, a real money making opportunity.

*The full content of (not the domain): a directory of over 751,000 articles & 447,097 authors (you'll get the full author list and articles, in separate mysql databases).
Obviously, we'll leave also the lifetime paid license to run this script made avail by
The site is no longer working, there's a small bug to fix as confirmed by the developers, we'll fwd you their instructions and we'll help to find few professional php developers ready to fix the bug for few $xx
Big money making potential considering you can run 2 ads in diff. positions, email to all your users and much more, once fixed this bug. - Big image searchengine (2 diff. ad spaces)
We've probably moved it incorrectly to the new server so the search function is not working but this's quite easy to get fixed: it's using the API (exactly as the image search function at so you can recycle that part of the code to get it working instantly.

*Lifetime license to run the "WP Movies Theme - Instant Movies Site!" by + account on their website to get permanent support.
It's a great WP script for a movie preview portal which will update by itself with thousands of movie pics, videos, trailers & much more ... Users can rate/comment movies etc ...

*Lifetime license to run the AvArcade Script + Account at their website -
It's a powerful & professional game script which allow you to add dozens of thousands of games to your website through feeds and it has tons of additional features, ability to add your ads at the start of each game and in many diff. positions on your website ... Take a look at their site for more details.

Absolutely no maintenance costs to run all these portals just add your ads, promote them and start making money.
Honestly, our activity is working fulltime in the domain industry, websites have for sure an higher potential but they're not for us.
You'll need a dedicated server but if you can manage it by yourself, there're provider who can offer one for a low $xx/month, more free info on request.

Well, we've no time to promote them (but you can easily use this material to make thousands of dollars by developing new websites & the above ones and by offering them through Flippa, WebsiteBroker & other big website marketplaces).

What's the BIN ? We're accepting offers in the middle/high $x,xxx range for the whole package, sold exclusively in bulk at these special conditions.
Considering alone might be worth 25/30k if you'll have the time to market it, you see there's a real deal here :)
The simple domain is worth $3-7k (if offered at a real reseller price, of course ...)
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