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appraise BIOPHARMA.COM and BIOPHARMA.ORG: What is Their Value?

This thread is an appraisal of the domain name requested.


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Mar 8, 2024
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Please consider the value of these domains bundled with the BIOPHARMA® trademark, the only "biopharma" trademark, covering all Internet and digital format usage.

For further information, see www.biopharma.com.

: "Biopharma" is the preferred short name for the "biopharmaceutical" industry. The industry has rebranded itself, with push from industry 'biopharma(ceutical)" over the past decade+ the term having become the global preferred common name for this industry and its products [replacing "(pharma)ceutical" which replaced "drug" in the 1970s/80s]. 'Biopharma(ceutical)" is a universally recognized established 'brand' with value far beyond that of any related "brandable" domain names.

Data: 'Biopharma' is a >$1 trillion revenue/year industry. Google retrieved 26.3 million entries for the exact word "biopharma" (in quotes) and 101.0 million entries for "biopharma" (truncated) (on Jan. 18, 2024; these nos. vary daily). There are >600 publicly traded companies in the U.S. with "biopharma" in their name (SEC); a total of >2,000 "biopharma" companies in the U.S. and ~4,000 worldwide (D&B). There are >2,650 "biopharma" (exact word) company entries in Cruchbase and >800 in LinkedIn. Over 4,150 domain names contain, >1,100 names start with and >2,500 end with "biopharma."

Usage: The usual valuation based on traffic and ads is irrelevant! BIOPHARMA.com has been used by me since 1990 as the home page for an industry-targeted subscription database, with the site archived/not updated the past decade. BIOPHARMA.org has never been used. Neither site has ever had any advertisements.

BIOPHARMA.com is well suited for the very largest 'biopharma(ceutical)" companies, and BIOPHARMA.org is well suited for trade association, educational, etc. use.

Valuation: The value of 'biopharma" is in its universal recognition, wide and expanding usage, and its association with high-tech research, life-saving products, innovation, being 'bio(tech)', etc. vs. evoking the widely disliked 'drug' and 'pharma(ceutical)' industries.

Biopharma.com has received a "fair market" appraisal of $1,000,000 from AccurateAppraisals.com (M. Mann et al., #1 owner of domains, >300,000]. There are few (if any) reported relevant historical domain sales, with the closest(?) being "drugs.com" which sold for >$1.2 million (in current dollars) in 1999; "pharmacy.com" for $2.9 million in 2008; and "Rx.com" for $1 million in 2019, with these all used by online pharmacies.

Thank you.

Ronald A. Rader
Biotechnology Information Institute
Rockville, MD 20851
Phone: 301-424-0242
Email: [email protected]
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Jul 21, 2007
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Drugs.com, Pharmacy.com, and RX.com are worth considerably more than BioPharma.com. That being said, the adjusted Drugs.com sale price seems low. The internet is a lot more widespread and people buy legal drugs online, compared to 1999. The Rx.com buyer got a deal.

$1,000,000 isn't out of the question. But you'd need a deep pocket end user or unicorn. It could take years to sell it for that, with no guarantee.

As for the trademark, what trademark? I did a quick search for biopharma on USPTO. The first three results are all DEAD.

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