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BODIS.COM - Not as professional as I'd hoped.

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Howie Crosby

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May 1, 2012
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I switched over to Bodis recently since using Afternic due their 5% sales, and better landing page, one without ppc. I took a risk, choosing a new company over a well established one and learnt a valuable lesson.

It wasn't long until I had my first domain sale with Bodis, but that was when things turn strange, I was not informed by Bodis about this domain sale. However, I received an email from the buyer 2 days later asking how the transaction was going? I was shocked and felt put out as I was intending in placing the said domain into auction, thus about to market the domain etc.
This could have put me into a predicament, if I had sold the domain in auction and the buyer had not contacted me.

When I contacted JACKIE PARKINSON at BODIS she explained this was standard procedure, they would wait until the payment was fully processed, then contact the seller!!
Not even a courtesy email to state you have had a sale that is being processed? Very bizarre, I asked if in the future I could have a courtesy email and she did not oblige.

Furthermore, my buyer felt harassed by the demands from Bodis regarding his payment details and card validation, he liken it too "the fonejacker" in is email to me.

Thus I closed my Bodis account and we commenced with a perfectly hassle free and safe private sale.

And I have returned to Afternic with my tail between my legs.

I'm sticking with the PROS.
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