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bull**** if you ask me

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The first such case was from 1996 (?) when a man called Newton lost rights to the domain Newton.com and handed it over to Apple.


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Apr 5, 2002
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This one's hardly a gang rush. The guy was angling for trouble, for certain. I don't think this one's worthy of fury.

What kills me is that the judge thinks Peter Frampton is famous anymore. Actually, unfair: he did all the music for Almost Famous, so... :D

I beleive the decision was the correct one.

When reading the wipo decision it becomes clear that the respondant "Lyle Frampton" who also claims to be known as "Peter Frampton" (supposedly "peter" is his middlename) was taking advantage of the musician (guitarist), peter frampton's celebrity.

Here's some quotes from the hearing

"Shortly after Complainant's Counsel first contacted the Respondent, the Respondent modified its web site and removed the logos that resembled those on the Complainant's web site."

"The Respondent has placed links from the Respondent’s web site to sites where the Complainant’s musical recordings and videos can be purchased, along with text that reads "Peter Frampton Music / Videos!".

The Respondent also included on its web site a figure playing guitar, which is the instrument played by the Complainant."

BUT the respondant flatly denied this,

"The Respondent also states that, as to the Complainant: "The Singer Peter Frampton, Personal products & sales merchandise has never appeared & does not appear for sale with any of the other sales companies represented on this site during all five years."

However a quick check with wayback and its quite clear that the respondant was trying to sell peter framton music and videos.


So what can you say when someone registers a name of a famous person and then trys to sell their merchdise with the name, and then tries to deny it all, I can't see how that could demonstrate good faith or legitimate use?

Actually another funny thing is that if the complaintants assertations are true that his name is "lyle peter frampton" and that he truly only registered the name because it was his own name wouldn't you also expect him to own "lyleframpton.com"? which is showing as available!

Quick someone grab it! :D

do those stars stand for *SHIT*??
just checkN

makeN sure.. of all the details..



WandaMay has gone to Afternic like lows here. You can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell 'em much.

Snoopy is correct. Sorry Wanda, but emotion doth not make a credible defense.

(Wasn't Texas on the losing side of the Civil War too....?)
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