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Dec 12, 2022
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BIN: $61
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Dummypicks is a great name for tech review firms, crypto reviews or any online review company. The name is easy to remember and pronounce. It also gives out what the company is all about at a glance “dummy picks”. Which means that they make their products and contents easy to use / understand.

It is an ideal domain name for a startup looking to make an impact in the online space. The name conveys a sense of wit and cleverness, as well as a hint of luck thrown in for good measure. It evokes an image of a person confidently making decisions as if they’re an expert, when really they just got lucky. The domain is short and catchy, making it easier for users to remember and share.

This domain name is equally perfect for startups or businesses in the gambling, gaming, or fantasy sports space. It can also be used by any business looking to make a statement with their brand name. Its short length makes it highly desirable for startups, because it’s easier for users to remember and share with their networks. Dummypicks.com is a great domain for any business looking for a memorable and clever brand name.

Registrar: Godaddy
Renewal fee: $19.75 each.

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