Can anyone explain this from Great Domains?

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Nov 6, 2002
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Got this in my e-mail this morning...

Big Changes at Great Domains Coming Soon!

VeriSign Global Registry is planning to revolutionize the secondary domain name market through a new technology platform called the VeriSign Name Store. As part of this change, the Great Domains Web site will be going through major changes. Effective January 15, 2003, retail services will no longer be offered at However, the Web site will continue to be a resource for information about the transition and for updates about registrars who offer this new service.

Beginning next year, you will be able to buy, sell, and appraise secondary market names in a single, streamlined process through participating registrars. Through the VeriSign Name Store model, you will no longer have to register a name at one Web site, and sell at another. All buying and selling can take place through a certified registrar that you know and trust. This new model enhances the value delivered to the market by simplifying processes for both buyers and sellers. Talk to your registrar about how you can list your names.

Important updates and specific changes are outlined below:

Catalog of Names
If you currently have a paid placement in the Catalog of Names, recurring charges to your credit card will cease after the December charge. Your names will remain in the catalog until January 15. Effective January 15, 2003, the Catalog of Names will be removed from the Web site.

Parking Page
The parking pages will also be turned off effective January 15th. If you are currently using the Parking Pages, you will need to contact your registrar to change your DNS information by replacing the existing name servers with newly designated servers of your choice.

Escrow Services
We will honor, process, and complete all escrows that entered the queue prior to January 15, 2003, including Private Transactions as well as names purchased through the Web site. Orders will not be accepted beyond January 15, 2003.

Fee-based Service
Potential buyers will see your name from every search result at a participating registrar. Registrars will be charging a fee to list your name for this increased distribution model.

Fixed Price Model
The Secondary Market Program is designed for domain names that sellers wish to sell for a fixed price, below $5,000. Once a buyer accepts the seller's fixed price, a sale ensues immediately without the hassle of haggling over a negotiated price.

These are exciting changes that will centralize listing, searching, buying, and selling domain names. All parties will benefit from this streamlined, simplified process. Please contact your registrar to let them know you are interested in this new service. If you need more information, check for the latest details, updates, and a listing of participating registrars.

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