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Apr 4, 2014
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CeremonyMusic.com @ Flippa

Whats the common denominator for all ceremonies?


Ever been to a ceremony without music? I doubt it. Music is at the heart of every celebration. It plays an essential part to setting the mood, as the bride walks down the isle, getting people off their seats and onto the dance floor, or even setting the tone for a bride and groom to have their first dance.

The best part about this domain? It is an exact match domain with impeccable branding ability.

So who on earth searches for these keywords?

Brides to be. Every bride to be wants the music at her ceremony to be amazing. It is her defining moment in life, the day she has been waiting for since she was a child. It is one of the most important days of her life and she wants the music to be perfect. So where does she go for the music?


So lets talk numbers. This domain gets an exact match search volume of 1,073 searches per month. So what does that mean? That means over 1,000 brides to be are searching for the exact terms "Ceremony Music". Over 1,000...Now lets think, how much does an average wedding ceremony cost? I did a simple Google search for the term "Average wedding ceremony music costs" and here is what I got:

  • Pianists range from $300 to $400, guitarists can charge between $100 and $425 and violinists can charge between $800 and $1,250 dollars.
  • If you would prefer a group of musicians over a single performer, the average cost is approximately $1,000 for a string trio or quartet.
That is from eHow's website. As you can see, ceremony music is NOT cheap, and thats just for one part of the ceremony! What about the DJ for the rest of the night? Another $500-$2000 for the night, or more. Now what are your options with this domain? You can lead gen for ceremony musicians. You can sell music directly from the website. You can lead gen for wedding DJ's. You can book nationwide directly from the site. It could be an entire world of ceremony music in one place. Download music, contact musicians in your area, ideas, blog, advertising, lead gen...the list continues.

There must be a reason that EstiBot has a $12,000 valuation on this domain name. That is still low. The right enduser will fork over well over $20,000 for this domain name.

Its perfect and the pitch is already there.

  • Its 12 years old, aged like fine wine.
  • 134,000 broad searches/mo
  • 1,073 Exact searches/mo
  • $1.25 CPC
  • Exact match keywords
  • Superior Branding
  • 99,400,000 Broad search results
  • 1,780,000 exact search results
  • $12,000 Valuation
If an enduser can't see the value, its because you aren't giving them all the facts, this domain has all the facts, the valuations to back it up, the keywords to make it brandable, and the search volume to make it valuable. At the end of the day, it's not about what the domain costs, it's about what the domain is worth.

So what music domains have sold?

  • SocialMusic.com SOLD for $60,558 Feb 11 Moniker/SnapNames
  • OMusic.com $45,000 May 10 Sedo
  • GetMusic.net $10,000 Apr 12 AfternicDLS
  • MusicAcademy.com $6,000 Mar 09 AfternicDLS
  • MusicBase.com $5,600 Aug 09 Sedo
  • MusicChart.com $5,600 Feb 09 NameJet
  • CommitmentCeremony.com $3,055 Feb 06 SnapNames
The EstiBot comparison has been attached as an image to this auction, check it out, they are all in the same ballpark! This domain is just as if not more brandable and valuable!


"You provide the ceremony, we'll provide the music." Branding at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

This domain will be the one and only place to find ceremony music!

-Post Sale-

Buyer is responsible for Escrow fees.

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Apr 4, 2014
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Only a few days left on this auction!

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