Christmas is Coming! A warning for .Christmas

Dec 6, 2019
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Frank Schilling, owner/operator of .christmas registry is a dishonest man. Schilling is a Germanic/Jewish name by the way. That is interesting considering he was given the rights to 'manage' .christmas. ICANN's actual purpose was to delegate these in a 'fair' way - giving special TLDs to the 'right' owners (at least, not the 'wrong' ones - you wouldn't give .Hanukkah to Iran...domaining folks would be screaming up and down if that happened)...

On September 8th, 2017, Frank raised prices up to 3000% on many of his new top-level domains, .christmas included.
He did so in a breach of his ICANN obligations: - "no material price increases for the first five years"
Again, he raised prices well before the 5 years, screwing early investors. We kept his lights on! Now he is going to ride the broad success of ALL nTLD up & up! He did NO promoting himself. On his UniRegistry blog, he constantly pumped .com domains and bashed new domains. That's just BEFORE he unloaded all his .com domains to GoDaddy.

If you look at you can see the zone regs. Registrations dropped off a cliff. Regs dropped off that same cliff (the same time) on 12 other of the nTLD that he raised prices on. .audio, .flowers, .diet - you can look them all up... ALL AT the same exact time! He registered more than allowed (for himself) - otherwise known as zone-stuffing (kinda). That was another MAJOR breach of contract by him.

Breached and ICANN turned a blind eye, as did his outfit, the ICA. Frank is a founding and premium member of the ICA. If you don't know who the ICA is: The ICA claims to protect registrants, but they are packed full of registries and registrars (like Frank, GoDaddy, etc). They aren't looking out for the 'domainer' intrests. Bet on that. I could go on and on about the ICA and the pure lies their members propagate across their various websites. Their members, like Frank, and actively engaged in fraudulent propaganda.

Frank said he was stepping away from domains as he sold out to GoDaddy. That was to 'find himself'. That was a lie. He is a fraud and needs to be EXPOSED. He is going to be a on 'members only' PodCast for ICA in the next few days. You need to PAY them to listen to that fraud! So while he was 'stepping away', he is now doing PAID podcasts, if you can believe that!

You SHOULD believe that it's no surprise because *JUST BEFORE* he sold all his .com domains to GoDaddy, he had a literal press release that he was buying domain portfolios LOL! If that's not a pump n' dumper, IDK what is.

It should also be no surprise, that after his investor-stripping 100-3000% price increases, he is once again selling them at 90% reduced costs for the first year - THE OLD PRICE. Yes, he actually is lowering prices after he raised them and milked his investors for a payday loan.

Hope you enjoyed my .christmas history.
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