Computer Died...Need to sell domains to get new one. ( & More!)

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Aug 26, 2004
Zearo said:
Ugh. Kick a girl when she is down...My computer decides to completely die causing me to really need to sell my domains off. It is vital that I have a desktop computer for my classes and "quasi" business. So I am needing to get rid of all of these domains fast.

I am asking for offers on some of these, and on others I have declared the prices. I am open to all offers and negotiations.

Please Email ( or PM me if you have any questions or inquiries.

Please Offer: - Registered since 97' (According to Alexa) PHP Dating site included, has received about 100 unique visitors since July. This site can really bring in revenue, especially if developed into a dating site - Good site that can be used for anything from personal to business. Would work well as a forum where people post stories, poems, etc. Or a company that specializes in personalized messages, anything like that. - Everyone Loves Eeyore! All Major TLDs taken - Reverie= being lost in thought, or daydreaming. A Great Media domain - If for some reason someone wants the website with it they may have it. Has received over 250 uniques since July. - This is a great domain to use for anything Pocket PC Related. There are many sites out there that have been developed for Pocket PCs that are bringing in strong revenue, memberships, and freebies from companies. (,, This would be a great site to develop especially since there is a new line of Pocket PCs coming out, and the ppc customer base is growing - All Major TLDs Taken

Priced: (Package) $20 (Package) $20 << Halikan means Kiss in Tagalog $15 < Brandable! $10 <Can be used for anything domain related $5 < Everyone loves Eeyore! ;)

Good luck..great sites / names ..should have no problem
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