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wanda, what is the point of listing the same names for appraisal time after time? Perhaps you should give some other people a chance to have their names appraised?

i personally don't think i have abused the 4M with listing the same name more then one time. in all actualality, different members coast the site at diff' times.. many click the 'new posts' only.. and may not dig into the depth of a specific forum category.
And either way, very few actually will appraise my names & that's cool too.

wanda it does get tiresome to read the same names being offered for appraisal numerous times in the space of a week or two.

wanda, its catch 22.

if people don't appraise a name, there may be a good reason for it - sometimes people will simply not appraise rather than post a negative one, so reposting the same domain again won't get you anywhere other on peoples ignore lists.

Various members, come online & review the 'New Posts' icon/tab
So if I have a name out there more then once, which did NOT appeal to the general audience, then maybe someone who's just logg'd on.. will find the name having worth/value?
I am an advertising major.. so i'ts what I'm trained to do. And I do know the value of 'repitition'..

i mean, we're here to discuss DN name info.. but we're also here to sell'... so lets not get disgruntled by anothers' dup' post of a name for sale... GMAB (give me a break) damn

This is getting silly, posting the same name for appraisal more than once in the space of a week (and doing it many times with different names) is hogging the forum IMO.

the appraisals thread ISN'T a marketing thread, its a request for other forum members to spare a little time to value something.

If you are using it to market, then you're misusing it.
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