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Acronym Definition
CPC Cost Per Click (online advertising)
CPC Climate Prediction Center
CPC Certificate of Professional Competence (UK)
CPC City Planning Commission
CPC Communist Party of China
CPC Certified Professional Coder (American Academy of Professional Coders)
CPC Crisis Pregnancy Center
CPC Caspian Pipeline Consortium
CPC Central Product Classification
CPC Carolina Population Center
CPC Cellule de Prévention et de Crise (French: Crisis and Prevention Unit; est. 2011)
CPC Center for Plant Conservation
CPC Condensation Particle Counter
CPC Community Preservation Committee (various locations)
CPC Canada Post Corporation
CPC Código de Processo Civil (Brazilian Code of Civil Procedure)
CPC Cooperative Patent Classification (EU and US)
CPC Computer Physics Communications
CPC Center for Primary Care (various locations)
CPC Conservative Party of Canada
CPC Crnogorska Pravoslavna Crkva (Serbian: Montenegrin Orthodox Church)
CPC Certified Pension Consultant
CPC Corrosion Preventive Compound
CPC Chromosomal Passenger Complex
CPC Centre de Promotion de la Coiffure (French beauty school)
CPC Calcined Petroleum Coke (carbon product)
CPC Certified Personnel Consultant
CPC Central Presbyterian Church
CPC Commission for Protection of Competition (trade; EU)
CPC Common Pleas Court (various locations)
CPC College Panhellenic Council (various schools)
CPC Consumer Protection Commission (various locations)
CPC Cal Poly Corporation (California)
CPC Colder Products Company
CPC Canadian Paralympic Committee
CPC Country of Particular Concern
CPC Canadian Pork Council
CPC Commission Professionnelle Consultative (French: Professional Consultative Committee)
CPC Central Processor Complex
CPC Cost per Click
CPC Computer Prompting and Captioning
CPC Computing Center
CPC Card Programmed Calculator
CPC Computer Process Control
CPC Cisco Provisioning Center
CPC Constant Power Control
CPC Communist Party of Canada
CPC Color Personal Computer
CPC Command per Clock
CPC Channel Processor Card
CPC Certified Professional Credential
CPC Calling Party Category
CPC Capital Pool Company
CPC Certified Professional Coach
CPC California Perfume Company
CPC Chambre Professionnelle du Conseil (French: Professional Consulting Chamber)
CPC Certified Professional Constructor (various organizations)
CPC Canadian Polar Commission
CPC Central Park Conservancy
CPC Creating Positive Change (various organizations)
CPC Center Point Church (various locations)
CPC Cetylpyridinium Chloride
CPC Collaborative Product Commerce
CPC Community Partnerships for Children (Massachusetts)
CPC Certificate of Probable Cause (legal requirement)
CPC Child Protection Conference (UK)
CPC Controlled Power Company (electrical power equipment)
CPC Climate Protection Campaign (various locations)
CPC Career Planning Center (various schools)
CPC Customs Procedure Code (UK)
CPC Chinese Petroleum Corp (Taiwan)
CPC Chemical Protective Clothing
CPC Continuing Professional Competency
CPC College Preparatory Curriculum
CPC Civil Procedure Code
CPC Cost Per Copy
CPC Custom Powder Coating (various locations)
CPC Convention Planning Committee
CPC Cumberland Presbyterian Church
CPC Corrosion Prevention and Control
CPC Canadian Pony Club
CPC Comprehensive Plan Committee
CPC Case Processing Centre (Canadian immigration, Vegreville, AB)
CPC Certified Pastry Culinarian
CPC Continuous Packet Connectivity (wireless networking)
CPC Crime Prevention Coalition
CPC Calling Party Control (Panasonic)
CPC Color Printing Company (various locations)
CPC Contracting Parties and Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties (fisheries)
CPC Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
CPC Commission Paritaire Consultative (French: Joint Advisory Committee)
CPC Circular Plastic Connectors
CPC Canadian Police College (administered by the RCMP; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CPC Chauffage, Plomberie, Climatisation (French: Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning)
CPC Certified Pastry Chef
CPC Community Pentecostal Church (Canada)
CPC Certified Professional Counselor
CPC Club Professional Championship (Professional Golfers' Association of America)
CPC Community Patent Convention (aka Convention for the European Patent for the Common Market or Luxembourg Convention)
CPC Choroid Plexus Cysts
CPC Cooperation with the Professional Community
CPC Central Pennsylvania College (Summerdale, PA)
CPC California Portland Cement (various locations)
CPC Community Prevention Coalition (various organizations)
CPC Counterproliferation Center (USAF)
CPC Capital Projects Committee (various organizations)
CPC Christian Pentecostal Church (various locations)
CPC Compound Parabolic Collector
CPC Clinical Pathological Conference (medical teaching conference)
CPC Central Processing Center
CPC Central Pennsylvania Conservancy (Carlisle, PA)
CPC Community Pregnancy Clinic (various locations)
CPC Compilers for Parallel Computing
CPC Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. (Rockville, Maryland)
CPC Corporate Purchasing Card
CPC Colour Personal Computer (Amstrad 8-bit computer)
CPC Calling Party Category (ITU-T)
CPC Cancer Prevention Centre (various locations)
CPC Clôtures et Portails du Compiégnois (French fencing manufacturer)
CPC Canadian Pallet Council
CPC Coastal Policy Council (Alaska)
CPC Conference Programme Committee (various organizations)
CPC Circuit Protective Conductor
CPC College Personnel Committee (various universities)
CPC Central Processing Complex
CPC Caring Pregnancy Center
CPC Cabin Pressure Controller (aircraft equipment)
CPC Choroid Plexus Carcinoma
CPC Canadian Postal Code
CPC Cellular Phone Company
CPC Consumers Power Company
CPC Commune People's Committee (Viet Nam)
CPC California Pistachio Commission
CPC Certified Professional Controller (air traffic)
CPC Continuous Professional Certificate (various organizations)
CPC Consumer Protection Code
CPC Computer Policy Committee (various locations)
CPC Certified Professional Collector (DATIA)
CPC Civil Protection Committee
CPC Certified Preplanning Consultant (funeral services)
CPC Center for Parallel Computing (University of Michigan)
CPC Conflict Prevention Center
CPC Computer Program Component
CPC Communication et Profession Comptable (French: Communication and Professional Accounting)
CPC Christian Peace Conference
CPC Crop Protection Council
CPC Columbia Presbyterian Church (Columbia, MD)
CPC Centro de Participación Comunal (Spanish, Córdoba, Argentina, City Hall peripheral offices)
CPC Canadian Polish Congress (est. 1933)
CPC Canadian Pensioners Concerned
CPC San Martin De Los Andes, Neuquen, Argentina (Airport Code)
CPC Centro de Predicción Climática (Spanish: Center for Climate Prediction)
CPC Coalition to Preserve Community (Columbia University; New York)
CPC Correctional Privatization Commission
CPC Cerebral Palsy Connection
CPC Corsica Poker Club (France)
CPC Cogswell Polytechnical College
CPC Center for Participatory Change (Asheville, NC)
CPC Center for Peace through Culture (Monterey, MA)
CPC Cleaner Production Centers
CPC Centre de Plongée de Carvin (French: Diving Center of Carvin; Carvin, France)
CPC California Preservation Clearinghouse
CPC Cyprus Productivity Centre
CPC Circuit Provisioning Center (Bellcore)
CPC Claim Production Centre (UK)
CPC Certified Photographic Consultants
CPC Commissary Privilege Card
CPC Claims Processing Center
CPC Call Processing Control (ITU-T)
CPC Computer Print Control
CPC Combat Planning Council
CPC Corn Products Corporation
CPC Center for Palliative Care
CPC Credit Pricing Corporation (Japan)
CPC Ceramic Punching Components (Groz-Beckert)
CPC College Poker Championship
CPC Counsellors & Psychotherapists in Primary Care
CPC Combined Precision Components plc (UK company)
CPC Certificato Protettivo Complementare (Italian: supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products)
CPC Centre de Politique Comparée (French: Cener of Compared Policy)
CPC Capitol Preservation Commission (Washington DC)
CPC Czech Cleaner Production Center
CPC Canadian Peace Congress
CPC Central-Phenix City (Alabama)
CPC Center Positioning Control (Taiwan)
CPC Cob Project Campus (Oregon)
CPC Club Penguin Club
CPC Core Protection Calculator
CPC Commissioned Personnel Center
CPC Complementary Punctured Convolutional (code)
CPC Carrier Portability Code
CPC Computer Power Center
CPC Cotton Patch Cafe (Texas/New Mexico restaurant chain)
CPC Colegio de Psicólogos de Chile (College of Psychologists of Chile)
CPC Classification Policy Committee
CPC Cadet Programs Conference
CPC Coastal Patrol Boat
CPC Client Program Coordinator
CPC Ceylon Petroleum Company
CPC Central Posterior Curve (ophthalmology)
CPC Capability Point Code
CPC Common Product Code
CPC Current-To-Pressure Converter
CPC Comanche Portable Cockpit
CPC Card Programmable Calculator (IBM)
CPC Central Post Computer
CPC Central Planning Center (NASA)
CPC Crisis Prevention Center(s)
CPC Consecutive Polarity Coincidence
CPC Current Production Code
CPC Critical Path Chart
CPC Cerebral Palsy Consortium (Quebec, QC, Canada)
CPC Cyclically Permutable Code
CPC CSEL Planning Computer
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