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CRANK Domains - Turn Your UNUSED / Inactive Domains to CASH Machine.. HOT Offers.

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Jun 11, 2007
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Dear Visitor,

This is an offer after which you will not need any other thing to make Automated Cash.

Here’s how:
Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • You got many domains lying UNUSED in your domain panel ?
  • You do not want to sell them & make them into an asset ?
  • You are using Domain Parking & making Peanuts out of them ?
  • You want to get websites designed on them, but you do not know what to design & whom to hire for this work ?
  • You’re fed up watching other people go from zero to thousands fast, while you can’t seem to make a penny online ?
  • You have a huge Domain Portfolio & its just lying without giving you any profits ?

If any of these things sound familiar, then look no further.
You have got the best option to monetize your INACTIVE Domain Names & Make $ out of them.
Let me ask you a QUESTION ?
What if I work on your Domains to design a website on them that includes the following things :

  • Niche Related Content.
  • Unique Articles & Videos.
  • Unique Looking Design.
  • Your ADSENSE Ads.
  • Your AMAZON, CPA Offers, EBAY, CLICKBANK, COMMISION Junction Affiliate ADS.
  • Promotions like Submission of your website to over 100 SEARCH ENGINES & do all basic SEO for your Domain.

Here are some WSO REVIEWS from WARRIORS in this thread :

Originally Posted by gcintermed
Preliminary review:

I signed up with 5 domains and within 48 hours all my sites were designed and working. Honestly, it took me more time to get around to changing the nameservers. By the time they were changed, the sites were there. Very impressive.

The sites are good quality auto-blogs, by which I mean they look professional, but since the content is apparently pulled in by plug-ins, not all of it is relevant. I am hoping there will be some way for me to edit or delete posts that don't belong.

Also, I wasn't satisfied with some of the initial graphics, but it didn't take more than a support ticket and a few hours before things were much improved.

So far, I am very happy with the work that has been done. And I expect it will continue to improve in response to my suggestions. In which case, I will be sending over more domains.

Honestly, for less than $4/site per month, we shouldn't expect much, but so far what I have seen is good quality and seems worth much more than the cost. Of course, the test will be whether it gets natural traffic and makes any money. It's too soon to tell now, but I'll report back later with results.
Originally Posted by Golf addict
I ordered the 5 domains package and my sites were up in a few days. Initially the comm speed was very fast. Got replies within hours and sometimes even minutes but now it's slower but most of the times still get replies within 24 hours. In terms of designs, it was so so but I requested my sites to be redesigned and they agreed to do so.

As for the SEO, I really don't know what they do but I'm getting good traffic to my sites! in such a short period and I'm quite impressed. I'm starting to see an increase in my adsense earnings.

Overall, for the price we're paying this offer is a no brainer! 2 thumbs up!

Reviewed by Chad Peterson :

Sites are looking good

Thank You for your services. I appreciate the efforts you have contributed.

I've got to say I've been pretty impressed with the quick design/content and support for my site. for example today I sent them the codes for my adsense ads, and they've already been placed/getting views...

first service like this I've used but am considering it for many other domains I own....

Thanks guys..!

I do have a question though.. what about google analytics tracking? is that available?


Crank Domains totally exceeded my expectations. I gave them 5 domain names to play with and all have started CRANKING out revenue. The service tickets are responded to quickly. If I was a rating system Crank Domains would get a 9 out of 10. I strongly recommend the service. The cost of service will pay for itself in a week.

We are looking forward to service more of you guys in here.
We have taken over 400 Domain Orders within the FIRST MONTH of the CrankDomains Launch & We have deleivered all orders on Time.

You do not need to know anything to participate in this system, no Programming or Techie mind needed in this.

So, here is how it works..

  • You register with us - Just register with us in a simple process.
  • Provide us with your Domain Name - We will be asking you the domain names you want to register with us . We will be giving you our Name-Servers to point your domains to our servers.
  • Provide us your Adsense , Affiliate ID - We will be asking you your Adsense & other Affiliate ID’s with which we will be placing ads on your websites.
  • Wait n Watch - Just wait for sometime till we design websites on your domains.
  • Start Collecting $$$$ - So, now we have done the BASIC SEO, traffic starts coming & you start earning with your ADSENSE, AMAZON, EBAY , CLICKBANK accounts.

This system gives you COMPLETE Freedom from PARKING Domains & Earning Peanuts from them.

The ability to automatically submit to over 100 Search Engines so that your content will immediately get indexed by the BIG G.

Q : What if I want to sell my Domain in middle of my Subscription ?

A : Yes, you can easily sell off your domain, we are just designing your websites. You have all the freedom to sell off your DOMAIN name at anytime you want.

Q : What will you guys design on my domain ?
A : We will be designing FULL AUTOBLOG on your website complete with Design, Content, Ads, Affiliates.. Full complete website will be designed on your domain.

Q : What will happen If i want to sell my Domain with your content ?
A : If you want to sell off your DOMAIN with the content we designed, you can just launch a TICKET. You will have to pay a small fee for getting the content, as it took us effort to design it. A Nominal Fee will be charged from you.

Q : What if i want you guys to fully develop my website ?
A : Although we will be designing your website with all efforts & full content will be placed on it, but if you still want to get your website done more efficiently from us, Just launch a ticket & we will get in touch with you on this issue.

Do not beleive on Us, see what our customers have to say :

“So Easy Even a Kid Could Do It…”

I gave these guys 7 Domains & I have got great results on them. Most of them are Having PageRank & giving me Good Earnings.
Thanks for letting me Test Run this system.
- John Taxon

“I am banking Adsense these days..!!”

Just after i sent them 20 domains , in less then a month , I got over 70 USD in Adsense.. It should be good from here now.
- Robert A. Dexter

“What an amazing option these guys are providing..!!”

I never thought these Unused Domains can be of any use to me, but these guys have made my 50 domains useful. Thanks
- James L. Kendrick

“I can not think of a better option to use my Unused Domains”

Thanks, I am now looking forward to handling over several more domains to you for development.
- Lacy Andrew

We have brought this offer here after working with OVER 17 Clients.

Some of our RECENTLY Completed
WARRIOR Forum Orders :

All Silver Jewelry
Dream Cruise Tips
Find Gourmet Gifts
Home Remedy Finder
Hypnosis Information Online
Natural Foods Online
Anti Aging Lessons
HBB Solutions
Tooth Whitening Help

San Francisco Bay Guide
Alpha Guy
IRS Tax Guide
Palm Reading
Donate Your Car
Lexus Recalls
Idol Contestants
Isuzu Troopers
Local Wild Girls
Wild Talk USA

Employer Workers
Good Beauty Products
Health Advice
Mod Sites
PS 3 Owner

E Mobile Apps
E SEO Mobile
Golf Pro Tips
Internet Browser Phones
Mortgage Brokerz
Home Exercise Information
Voip Exposed
Wedding Day Charm
Earn The Fast Money
Weight Loss Shake

Demo our work here :

Just Notice these things before you Order :

“Five Good Reasons to Buy”

  • You will invest at least 100 USD on each site to get them designed, but here you are paying just 5% of it to get a website on your domains.
  • A single autoblog will get a minimum of PR2 in next updates if it is having some content & this will give you CASH once the content is there.
  • You are not having any hassle of spending on Designing, Hosting, Advertising your domains. You just need to point your domains to our nameservers .
  • Each website designed on your domain will be having worth over 200% of what we are charging & you get all the profits of these website. Have you ever seen anything like this..!!
  • If you feel like we are missing anything in our system, let us know we will happily include them in this system.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by

Yes!, Please allow me to submit my domains with you to allow you to make them into Niche Websites & convert them to Asset.

I understand I’ll be pointing my Domains to your Nameservers to allow you customize the domain to a Niche Website & I do not have any RIGHT on the content you design on it. I can take the content away with me on a Nominal Fee that will be informed to me according to the package taken by me.

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a take part in this system & utilize my UNUSED domains.
Get your desired Package Right Now. Special Offer

This coupon will give you 20% OFF on your first order.

Offering 100 COUPONS of 20% OFF on ALL PACKAGES, Valid till 20th June 2010 or Till 100 Orders Last.



Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.
On Successful payment, we will get in touch with you on your email to take more details about your Domains. In case of any confusions, please email us at :

PM ME for any queries.

What to do after you have ordered ?
Please wait for a while, we will get in touch with you via your email.

Join our Affiliate Program

Earn Recurring Commisions on your Referred Clients.

Join now & get a 5 USD SIGN-UP Bonus in your accounts.

FAQ's :

1. How do i sign up for an Affiliate account ?

Ans : You just need to sign up for an account with client portal via this link here :
As you login to your account, you just need to move to the AFFILIATE Tab & activate your account with us.
Your account will be activated in few minutes.

2. Where do I get the required links and banners to be an affiliate ?

Ans : As you login to your account, you will get the affiliate ID & affiliate link there.
It will look like this :
This is the link you can use to promote. Below this section, you will be getting BANNERS to promote the affiliate links.
Just copy & paste those links in your HTML pages to start promoting.

3. How to track my Visitors & orders ?

Ans : You can track all the information in your affiliate panels. You can track the number of visitors you sent to us , your converted orders , your conversion rate along with your pending & maturing commisions.

4. How much can i EARN with this program ?

Ans : Our affiliate Program offers you an AFFILIATE COMMISION of 10% on each converted order.
The commisions are recursive i.e Each time your referred customer renews a package, you automatically get a commision on this.
So, this becomes a Recursive Income for you.

5. How can I withdraw my commisions ?

Ans : You can withdraw your Commisions via PAYPAL, the commisions mature after 15 days of accumulation in your account.

You can withdraw the commisions 15 days after you get a commision.
The minimum commisions needed for withdrawal is 75 USD.

There is no limits to earnings with us.



Join Now.

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