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Nov 26, 2004
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#1 - registered at GoDaddy, expiration 03/18/07

Registered since March, 1999. Would make the perfect "new fathers"-type website, or perhaps even a sperm bank's website ($!). This is an easily remembered, generic, friendly and short address, recognized around the world and sure to raise an eyebrow when you reveal that you are the owner.

This is one of those auctions where a guy either makes a fair price or loses his shirt and everybody laughs/crys depending, lol, as the terms are: The best offer over $0 (zero), posted below by 10:00 PM EST, this Sunday (July 3), takes it! Repeat: The highest bidder of at least 1 American dollar will become the new owner of this special domain name, no holds barred and no hard feelings! Forum timestamp on posting is the authority as to when a bid was placed. Any bid placed at exactly the auction-end time listed above will count. Increment is any whole dollar amount.

So bid early and often, and for goodness sake don't miss the end: You will be angry at yourself and I will be even agrier at you, LOL :) Set yourself a cellphone alarm, etc. and see if you can pick up this name for a song, though I hope that's not likely... Please do not bid if you don't have the funds. Winning bidder must be able to pay via PayPal OR (at our shared expense if auction ends over $250, at your expense otherwise) OR wire transfer. So... Who will be the first to offer $1?

Not open for further replies.