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Jun 19, 2020
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(Decentralized Finance Technologies / Fintech)

A clear cut cryptocurrency related brand name. This domain is ideally suited to a company in the cryptocurrency sector.A trans-formative name that pertains to the revolutionary and innovative blockchain industry.


Domain Possible uses:

defi holding, defi holdings, defiholding, decentralized finance, decentralized finance projects, deficrypt, defincrypto, ideficrypto, deficrypt, defiblog, defi ecosystem, defi blockchain, defi crypto currency, defi cash, defi exchange, defi cryptocurrencies, defi mining, defi mine, defi money, defi market, defi fund, defi rates, NameCrypto Coin Investment, BitCoin Crypto Trade, Crypto Trading, Exchange, a Stock Exchange, Market Investors, a Mobile App, a Fintech (financial technology) Brand, Digital wallet, venture capital funds, a startup accelerators, Live Cryptocurrency data, market capitalization, charts, prices, trades,Blockchain Program, eblockchain business, Holdings, Crypto Holdings, Defi Holding, Holding, Holdings, desentralized.

Registrar: Godaddy LLC
Registered On: 2020-11-26
Expires On: 2021-11-26
Domain name : DeFintech.org
BIN: $1000

Transfer: Push only to another Godaddy account
Payment: PayPal / PayTM / IMPs within 24 hours
Renewal price: £12 at current registry but transfer to Bigrock or godaddy will cost around $12-15.

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