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Jun 28, 2005
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Price: Starting at $2,000

Type of website: SEO Sports/Games Paintball Articles

Message: was an SEO hobby website of mine I started up about two years ago. The domain was originally purchased by me, through, and has been worked on only by me. All design has been done by me. The template was downloaded for free initially, but it was tweaked and optimized to make it more unique. It is currently a PR 3.


The site was extremely revamped in mid-April if you want to look at’s stats. I received an interest in search engine optimization (SEO) a few months ago started reading books on it. I just decided to apply all I learned on Since then, the unique visitors moved from the 50-90’s to 500-600’s, and still growing rapidly!

The content on the site is COMPLETELY unique and owned by me alone. I purchased a paintball website on eBay a while back that came with many paintball articles written by the previous owner. I did get an official legal statement that transferred the copyrights over to me. Some of the articles were written by me.


Alexa Rank: 192,000 -

Advertising: ranks from 1 to 5 (depending on the day) at This brings in a huge amount of targeted traffic as you will see in stats below. Right now we are ranked 3

I have done advertising through but they are not necessary. The stats shown are stats BEFORE these ads were purchased. Most traffic will come from search engines, and then that will convert to direct domain name traffic.


Adsense brings in $3-$8 / day. I started using Adsense June 11 so the proof isn’t that extensive. However, you can see that the revenue is fairly consistent. The ads are embedded pretty well if you want to check them out.

Adsense revenue proof:

I also run a few Azoogleads banners that are placed randomly across pages. I actually wrote up a very good article about how paintballers can earn paintball money by signing up with Obviously I embedded the Azoogleads affiliation link. This article alone brings in up to $15 a day. I also embed Azoogleads in the paintball game area which brings in good revenue. Arcade Rockstar ads are very popular since it’s targeted very well.

Azoogleads revenue proof:

Why am I selling?

I recently purchased a very keyword-rich domain name. I’d like to further my SEO interest in a new project using a different domain. It’s just fun for me :)

The site was taken well care of because I loved seeing it prosper. It’s well established so not much needs to be done to it. I would recommend added some content every now any then to attract the search engines, but it’s nothing to be stressed on. Domain transfer can be freely pushed to another account.


Paypal is accepted. Bank transfers are also acceptable. I just hate them fees :)

Price: $2,000

BIN $3,500

Free push to accounts.

Any questions please private message me!



Price lowered to $2,000 starting bid

BIN is $3,500
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