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Jun 14, 2006
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Domain Name: and others

Registrar: enom

Price: $35

Type of website: turnkey/template package

Here is a large of many sites, many are the first time I've offered them. Please read footer completely as many of your questions will be answered there. $35
this is a large template store(all one package) and all the templates are flash. The domain (term) gets OVT searches so with a bit of seo should be able to get some traffic. One sell gets your money back and the name and site are both nice(plus you get all the templates). I did not set up the free logo email as I dont want the mailing list, but the system will work when set up. $25
nice free car site, this is among the sharpest free car sites I have seen. $30
large ebook package and one sale has you making money. This site also has an added bonus (of course all the ebooks too). I loaded a download ebook store with admin (php) and couldn't get it working and left all files there.
That alone is worth the price. $45
200,000,000 names is what the site claims to have. I sure haven't counted and I haven't worked with the software. $25
nice healthy eating recipe site, a zip of another 1000 healthy recipes included but doubt if they have the same tables for quick import or likely it would have already been done. $20
people finder tools site decent name, priced to sell $25
nice double name, new design site $20
no letterman fans? Serious looking site, but funny name $45
great site although don't think the parking function works.
Sedo type site, but without parking its more of just a domain selling site, but very nice one. $35
this is really just the name as the affiliate site is free, but they have done well for me, and this is my first time with a niche name and a name I like. Feel it will make me at least this much over the next year even without promotion. (been wrong before) $35
may keep this one as well as this is a very strong name I believe. Tons of ebooks, great looking site, but the name is hard to forget, and worth the price of $35 $25
I really like this concept and the name isn't bad. The product and concept is sound, but I do think the design could use a bit of help. Nice starting point. $25
nice product, nice name, very brandable $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $12.50 $12.50 $17.50 $10 $20 $12.50

Okay the fine print. All the sites/names are new and have not been promoted. All but two are turnkey. Not promoted and new means no traffic and no sales, thus the prices. All the names are at enom. Since must all of them are under 60 days old they can only be transfered within enom. Account and transfers with the system are free. You can find free $8.95 accounts at this forum if you like, and I would highly recommend as I am mostly very happy with enom.

Any product offered comes with site, save the affiliate sites which is the only one that I see(oh and

The process. After paypal payment you will need to send me your enom account name. I will move the domain to your account and send you the FTP data. (I do not send zips, I give you full access to the site). You will have a full week to move to your sever, and I can help in most cases. The more you buy, the nicer you are, the more likely I help quick and free.

This is not an auction. Those are my prices. If you would like to make offers via PM feel free, especially in bulk but my prices are mostly firm and I think very fair.

Please PM me as the forum has not been getting me all my replies all the time.

Thanks for looking at my long ad.
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