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Jun 14, 2006
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Domain Name:

Registrar: enom

Price: 40

Type of website: turnkey/sells ftp software

Here are six new sites, on new names, and these are the first I've offered these. Most non-specific questions are answered below. $45
This is a perfect name, and looks to be a great program. It allows you to add rss feeds from clickbank, that updates and displays product types you supply.
$45 is less than half of one sale. $40
talk about a perfect name. The site sales an FTP program so you may transfer sites. The domain should have strong value alone. $35
Here is a product many use, but I wouldn't recommend, but people do buy and use it, false rank booster. $29
Are you losing the adware/spyware battle, profit from it, other products included. Great buy $29
very sharp drop shipping list site. Best looking I have seen. $19
I have loaded the templates, we all have them. The just wants shown and lowered, or load more and perhaps raise.

These are the first time I have had these sites. I really don't know much about the software. I bought this group from someone unknown to me, but all the files seem there and working. All names are at the register and they are brand new. The sites are freshly built so of course no sales or traffic. After paypal payment will move your name to your enom account and then send you user name and password for site. You can have several days to move, but I don't over hosting. I might be able to help move depending on the site. Thanks for looking.
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