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auctions - Big PR5 SearchEngine (Over 430,000 Google indexed pages, reg'd since 2001)

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Aug 13, 2002
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Now on auction at Flippa:

Read full details below, the auction will close next 18-Apr-2014
Being a "Reserve auction", we can offer here (outside Flippa) a trade opportunity in alternative to a direct sale.
We can trade (domain+content with a written agreement to guarantee you we'll never build nor resell closes of the same in the future, under any circumstance) against 2 or just 1 of your choice.
Please, note that we can accept of low quality but they must not include these letters: J-K-Q-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
We'd use an authorized escrow service to handle the deal, PM for more details if interested.

DO YOU THINK TO KNOW SOMEONE POTENTIALLY INTERESTED IN CONSIDERING A TRADE WITH US ?Would you like to help us closing a deal ? Send a PM, we've an interesting profitable proposal for you.

*** is a professional directory and "social searchengine" with over 4,200,000 indexed urls, 791,200 directories and many features to allow a direct interaction among its users.
It's a PR5 domain registered since August 2001 (never dropped since its first registration).
It has around 430,000 Google indexed pages and over 8,500 registered users.
Most of the content has been imported by free external directories few months ago while, actually, few dozens of new urls are added every day by its users.

Users can either search the database by entering a keyword or surfing directly through its big directory.
Users can also surf through billions of videos and images displayed directly on our pages, both the Youtube and Flickr APIs have been implemented.

Every time a query is submitted, a banner is displayed at the top of search results.
You can either use AdSense or display banners of your sponsor or affiliate programs.
There's also an adult filter: you can set an unlimited number of adult keywords that, if searched, will display a different banner or just no ad, it'sup to you.

All sections of the portal will show your banner, every time an user will submit a query, will look for images or videos.

The portal offers multiple monetization ways: you can display a banner at the top of all search results, add text ads to the email your users will get every time an url is approved, every time you reply to their inquiries and much more; for instance, a developer might easily implement a feature to allow bulk emailing (sending out newsletters) to all your registered users ... By studying carefully the portal and its features, you'll easily find many additional ways to make money by it.

It gets few thousands of monthly visitors but, considering we've never promoted nor followed this big portal, with a bit of promotion it might be easily turned into a big turnkey searchengine.

There're many other features that you can improve with the help of a developer (we can suggest many professional guys ready to do anything at extremely low fees ($3/4 per hour) guaranteeing excellent and quick results.
Users can rate urls, report broken links, submit comments and much more ...

The portal is unique even if part of its content has been imported by multiple free external resources, this means you'll not find a similar searchengine actually online.
It's not using a CMS but much better, it's using a powerful user-friendly admin panel from whom you can edit/delete urls, approve/reject newly submitted urls, view/reply to your user feedbacks and requests directly online, view broken reports (every time someone will report a broken link by using the appropriate icon), view url comments (all comments your users will left to urls), administer search result ads, admin other minor settings (ie choosing if getting a notification by email every time new inquiries are submitted, new broken links reported etc ...).

Each user will get access to its own panel from where following the status of his submitted urls, change his personal details etc ...
There's also an admin demo panel so, if you should decide to hire someone to take care of your website, you can first show him the demo from where he can check all website features without doing any real change to the portal.

You can review all existing feature and studying some improvements, the website is actually a PR5 but it might easily upgrade to 6 and more if you'll work a bit on it with the assistance of a qualified developer.
There're other sections too: What's new (shows all newly approved urls), Most Popular (shows the most clicked urls) ...

RECAP: We're selling a big multi-functional social searchengine, you only need to work a bit on its promotion to see the first money to come into your pockets.
Anyone wishes to add its own url to a PR5 directory and this can be done for free here, all at your advantage: your portal will continue to grow in terms of content and popularity.

We've never promoted it but imagine the results once you'll start to announce it in all major social networks and forums ... add it to thousands of free directories and enjoy watching at a constantly growing ì number of daily visitors, active users and revenue.

So the question is: why are we selling it ?
We're domainers, our main activity is selling/buying/trading and renting quality domains, we've no real time/interest in starting new different ventures at this time but this portal has an huge potential so we'd like to sell it to someone who'll promote and keep it alive.

So why have we hired 3 developers to build it after weeks of hard job and high development costs ?
It was just a way to test some of the possible features to implement into our future portal.

No worries, it will be a different project, it will not link to external websites but to internal subdomains of a big portal that we're actually planning.
That portal will never be for sale, we'll hire few people who'll follow it fulltime.

Nothing will be copied nor recycled from to setup our future portal, the idea behind it, is completely different: content and categories will be build by his users exactly as its graphics and features will be discussed and chosen by its community.

The whole size of is of about 6Gb, you can keep it on our server for free, for 6 full months, to have all the time to look for a different solution.
Should you decide to stay with us, we'll offer 100Gb of disk space and unlimited bwidth for just $25/month but, again, the first 6 months are free (if needed) and we'd also transfer for free the whole portal to your own server, if you wish.

For the next 6 months, we'll also leave our redirected on (only if desired) so we'll continue to send an additional amount of qualified users who'll continue to join to your portal; please, note that is not part of this sale, being reserved for a private future project.

The sale will be finalized through (US authorized domain escrow service) and we'll cover their full fee so your winning bid will be your net purchase price. is registered at until 16-Aug-2015 We can either push it to your Gd account or, if you're new to domains, we'll leave you direct access to the actual account, you'll only need to replace our password and details with yours to gain full ownership of the same.

We'll also leave you all needed details to use the admin panel and to access to its actual hosting.

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Aug 13, 2002
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< UPDATE - 28-MAR-2014 >

Having no more time/interest to follow the portal (and honestly it's a quality PR5 professional searchengine/directory with an unlimited money making potential with just a small effort, in the rights hands), we're now offering USD 4,000 to any broker who should help to organize a good trade.

We can consider any proposal against quality or single dictionary words .com (no crap names hand reg'd few days ago and no time wasters, please).
We're not giving it away for nothing, we're looking for a fair trade for both parties.
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