Does Anyone do their Domaining from an Offshore LLC


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Oct 29, 2020
Just to be clear I am not intending to do anything 'Dodgy' but when I started Domaining a few years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to turn my Telephone Number into a .Com which in the event turned out to be a really Bad Idea!

As not knowing any better as in nothing at all, I found I'd accidentally registered the .Com of a 'Trade Mark' where instead of getting a nice little letter asking me to hand this .Com over, which of course I would have done to avoid any hassle, they decided to throw the book at me!

Which as you may imagine was not one of the best days that I ever had, especially for a small fry like me only getting into Domaining as a bit of a Hobby, while I had to look after my Mother who was very poorly for many years before She very sadly passed away

But managed to get out of this by finding a product that they hadn't registered and I also voluntarily handed over the name

Quite a traumatic experience I think you may agree, which could have been avoided with at least a simple request explaining the situation with which I would have willingly complied

As a result of this experience I'm much more careful now but still have quite a number of names which are 'on the edge' where as such I am very reluctant to put them up for sale or even attempt to use these myself

Which is when I got to thinking about using an Offshore LLC in order to try and protect myself against any predictors after making a quick buck, although as before if I messed up then of course I would hand the name over to avoid any hassle from an honest mistake

So I would like to ask you guys if anybody does this and get your thoughts on the Subject and how to go about this, or even if you don't think its a good idea at all