Domain Appraisal Needed For Beginner including

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Dec 11, 2018
Karachi, PK
Hello, I need my domain appraisal for:

-All of these are running websites and are online
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Oct 12, 2003
I can't see any value in any of these. - 'slang' (incorrect spelling) term of pros. As such there are likely registration fee alternatives available so hard to see why someone would pay you a premium. - 'best' is an adjective and easy to find alternatives. Also a .net so the term is far too weak for the extension - what does this mean? Why is it better than for example? - who would want this? what could it be used for?
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Jul 24, 2004
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Hello, I need my domain appraisal for:

-All of these are running websites and are online
This domain is pending renewal or has expired. Please contact the domain provider with questions.
I would not renew it. But when you said you were "running websites" I assumed they were developed, not that you had for sale pages up.
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