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Aug 7, 2019
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Please PM me accordingly.

Current portfolio includes: (as in the expression "or nearest offer") (.com sold for $9,999) (as you'll probably know, "canny" means to be shrewd with money. Possible slogan for a business or money exchange site: "We're Canny with Your Coin!" or "Smart Investors are Canny with their Coin!") (with "how to make money as a YouTuber" being such a huge subject on YouTube itself, what better destination for hopeful YouTubers to visit to learn to be a successful YouTuber and be sold relevant subscriptions and courses etc than - potentially the future YouTuber center of learning!) (great as a famous quotations database site). (according to StoryBase there are 24,100 Google searches each month for this exact phrase in the USA alone). (envisioned a good place to show sold prices of comparable domains in a similar way to Godaddy appraisals). (perfect for a travel agency or other air travel service based in Las Vegas - or offering services to people travelling to and from Las Vegas) (includes fully functional website and an active FB page of 8K follows interested in the ever popular Keto and low carb diets). Will include FB page and group. (a good name for a services that enables those who follow keto can discover what they can actually eat on the diet) (pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world with a passionate and growing owner community prepared to spend a huge amount of money on them at the drop of a hat with spontaneous purchases) (great for beauty services or supplies, or an adult themed site) (it is estimated that over 200 million people worldwide actively use or are learning SQL, with YouTube tutorials amassing millions of hits every day. This is a premium domain because it will give you a huge leg up in Google search results) (up and coming band form the UK) (perfect for selling dog and cat related medicines and treatments) (perfect fetish themed domain) (possible porn themed domain) (good for selling bathrooms fitting services and supplies, as well as plumbing services) (possible site delving into the supernatural or occult and is sure to build a strong community of followers over time) (all sorts of uses for this domain including a beer review site, a site discussing drugs, etc) (possible travel agency offering holiday rentals or other travel and leisure based service) (truly cute name for any online brand giving you tonnes of flexibility with regard to the product or service you plan to offer, from clothing to candy and everything else besides)
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