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May 14, 2007
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I have a mini portfolio of 5 domain names at that I am looking to sell at rock bottom prices! Since the account has only 5 names, I will give you the login information upon receipt of payment. Change the login, password, and whois data to whatever you wish. Transfer them out when lock is up. Here are the names that are included:

VoteClinton/./com: Everyone knows that Hillary is going to run for president, so flip this name to one of the many organizations that will support her for 1K or more and you will be smiling all the way to the bank! Very valuable domain!

LubbockRealEstateAgent/./com: Since the term Realtor is trademarked, the people who sell real estate are actually called "real estate agents." So this is really not a "longtail" domain. Lubbock is a city in Texas with a population of over 236,000. Lots of agents to sell to. Easily flip this name to one of them for $500+

araro/./com and buyak/./com: Check DNJournal's weekly sales report, and you will see LLLLL.coms similar to these selling from 2-5K. List these on Afternic or Sedo for 2K or more and go for it!

SecondChanceDating/./com: Good brandable name for a dating site. Everyone deserves a second chance!

The price for all five of these domains....sold as a package....
is only $300!
Paypal ok...Post "SOLD" in the thread and send payment to info {at}

THIS IS A MULTI-FORUM THREAD! First come, first served. Winner will be determined by timestamp if necessary.
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