Domain Names With Numbers (Year Date) And SEO Question


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Jul 8, 2015
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In Google some people are searching for keywords followed by the year (2016, 2017 etc). For example:

music festivals [INSERT YEAR]

In this particular case the .com isn't available but how would a domain name like this rank if this was a well searched for phrase? I have found a keyword and date string where it receives 5,000 searches each month and the following years can also be registered, so in the following year you can just update to the 2017 or 2018 equivalents. I can buy the next 5 years in .com so it's not a problem in respect to updating to the new dates. Also I understand that any years that become out of date the domain name then becomes useless/worthless but hey roll on to the next year...

My question is how would these type of domain names rank with SEO?

Anyone had any experience with these types of domain name?
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