domain-retriever problem?

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Oct 22, 2002
Luc or anyone..

My domain-retriever has not been working properly recently. I load the database and all the results that come back are n/a in the search engine field and (0) in the Alexa rating field. Any clue as to whats going on? Any help appreciated. I sent an email to them earlier this week with no reply. Thanks -


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Jul 18, 2002
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All link popularity and Alexa issues have been resolved.

Please keep in mind that the best way to stay up to date
is to check the members area of
whenever you experience any problems. Chances are a fix
is already in place.

The LinkPop fix has been released several weeks ago and
there are still some clients that have not upgraded to the
latest version, this is why I'm letting you guys know about
it. :)

Alexa problem was reported 2 days ago and has been

If you have ANY questions or if you'd like to report a bug
always feel free to e-mail

Thanks for providing great support to your fellow DNF members!
Luc L.
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