Domainer Humor - Throwing Stones and Skipping Rocks...

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Dec 3, 2006
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he he he he he...

I like the OP's edited first post...when you don't like what you're reading, simply add NO MORE APPRAISALS. This almost reads as a plea for mercy.

Please, please...stop, I can't take it any more.

Nothing but a bunch of stone throwers in the crowd.

It reminds me of one of the tales I read in the domainers bible.

I can see it now...imagine, if you will, 3000 years ago when stoning was a popular form of punishment. Perhaps it was a sporting event to some...something akin of target practice.

I can visualize a domainer on his knees, in front of a gathering crowd, begging for mercy from the merciful folks gathered round.

"Please, please...I beg of you. I am nothing more than a simple nOOb".

Yes, even then they were known as nOObs.

"I beg of you. Forgive me. For I knows not what I do."

For a judge has decreed that this domainer is guilty of regging pigeon shit.

"You appear before me and those in witness begging for mercy? How dare ye."

"Upon thy knees you cower as a rat in the sewer and portend that you know not what thou hast done?"

"With free mind and a free will, armed with a discount from the black arts of Groupon, you did so reg a pigeon shit domain!"
, yelled the judge whilst pointing to a figure quivering before him, trying to cover his shameful face.

The crowd was agast!

"Pigeon shit, said he?" asked one member to the other.

"Aye, was indeed pigeon shit."

"Oh, it was pigeon shit, eh?",, said the traveler from the northern tundra region, "Oh, okay eh...this is all aboot a domain that no one really cares aboot, eh'.

"Saw it with me own eye. said one. "Posted the name upon the temple wall for all to see. Disgraceful, I tell you. Disgraceful!"

A little girl in attendance, holding her father's hand, began tugging on his arm saying, "Father. Dear father. What is pigeon shit?"

"Mind your tongue!", said the father. "And never speak of this day again."

Before the crowd, in front of the judge, lay a crumpled up heap of a human whimpering and crying, "Mercy. I beg of you, mercy!", he cried.

"Mercy?," said the judge. "Mercy?", said he as he paced back and forth in a dramatically slow purposeful, almost scripted screenplay like manner, "You want mercy from your peers...your elders...from even I?"

As the judge quickened up his pace and approached the domainer, he shouted out, "No Mercy for You!" , he screamed as he used his foot and pushed the domainer over and to the ground.

"No, there will be no mercy."






"Thou art guilty. GUILTY!, I tell you. And all who are gathered here shall remember this day. As this day shall be an example to all who art in attendance."

"No, there shall be no mercy. Only GUILT!"

"And the sentence...the sentence shall be Death by Stoning!"

A unified gasp was heard from the crowd. Along with a chuckle. And a WOO HOO!, an alright!, a giggle here and there.

As the people who had gathered started bending over to sort through, select, and even sell the skull smashing projectiles, into the crowd walks a holy man. Perhaps this holy man's name is frank or theo or does not matter the name of the holy one. There just happens to be one in the crowd (as usual at such domain gatherings). It's just a humble holy man, okay? Don't dwell on and fixate on who it is. It's just a holy man..

The holy man queries the crowd by saying, "Is there not one among you who has not sinned?

Have not ye registered pigeon shit thyselves?"

The holy man, sensing he is losing the crowd, thumps his chest, raising his voice, indiscriminately pointing to persons in the crowd, saying, "Many among you have dared to enter the holy temple," that's what DNforum were called back then...a temple, "to pawn, sell, and swindle from the lure, to captivate, to enhance, to entice, to pollute one's mind and even to vex the unsuspecting soul to purchase thy pigeon shit names."

"Who among you is without sin?"

"Who among you is so pious that ye dare sit on the pedestal in my temple?"

The people in the crowd, shrugging their shoulders, look to one another to see who is present among them that is such a person.

For each member in the crowd covets the seat upon which the pious dare sit. Each in the crowd aspires to be he which is the pious of the pious another name for blogs and bloggers back then.

"Brothers and sisters, we are all guilty. Some more guilty than others", says the holy man whilst glancing over at the dot mobi section, "and guilty we shall be."

"Let no domainer judge another or ye, too, shall be judged one day by a higher authority"

"We are all guilty and we are all with sin", declares the holy man.

Pulling back the top of his hoodie in a dramatic made for TV event, the camera closes in on the holy man as he raises his arm, looks to the heavens, and declares, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Suddenly the sky is darkened and the sun grows dim, blocking our the light of day, by the sheer number of stones being hurled by the both

...the domainer...

and holy man.

Yeah, one day I just need to illustrate all these stories and create a domainer cartoon strip.
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