fixed price domains with business concepts for sale pick any for 200$

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Jun 13, 2015
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Dear All:

The Following Domain Names are for Sale, Buy them at their lowest price of 200$ each, sedo estimation is above 350$ each :
In India everyone wants to see their favorite stars in their selfies ** its the new craze ** Poster days have gone ! its raining selfie now ! and being a star craving nation, this is a huge opportunity with a perfect domain name.
India is an app nation, never ending android apps and why not hire the app instead of buying them like DVD hire ** pay till u use it ** plus have a collection to sell it outright ! excellent potential ** perfect name *** go for it !
India is truly a gold nation, every citizen invests in gold jewelery, and an unexplored huge market exists in e-commerce sector in jewellery sales, India is the highest importer and consumer of gold in the world, price and design comparison sites have a huge potential during festival seasons.
India is waking up for eBooks and self learn online books due to massive penetration of mobile devices, tabs, eBook readers etc., self learning is the new buzz now, from you tube to university websites Indians are downloading cutting edge contents and building virtual home libraries for reference in their field of study.
”If you want to walk fast, walk alone.. If you want to walk far, walk together” – Ratan tata, Team work and team spirit is really catching up in India and its in max high as people in India are cutting across all barriers of class/caste/color to build successful progressive teams, huge potential at these times.
India is a faith centric nation with multi-faith multi-religion multi-language, excellent potential for web site development.
Health care space in India is a huge need and requirement, this is a real golden name to reach top doctors and to book appointments.
Nudeshades is the shade of the 21st century, bright colors are out and nude shades are in.
India is talking about it, ,the news papers and women’s magazines have articles on nudeshades, it’s the new in thing, why not explore it.
Huge opportunity, google yaduveer and see the magic, loads of opportunity. is also offered for sale.

You Me in Paradise days have gone, its, nice domain name or space enthusiasts , hobbyists , entrepreneurs ands students.
The New Buzz word of Indian Government is to re-skill Indians to become a global work force, and this is evident in PM’s campaign across the globe, huge opportunity to do this.

+ another 30 innovative domains and concepts.

Good Luck !


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