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dumb requirement from powerpipe

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May 21, 2002
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I signed up for a new hosting account and decided to use one of my brand new domain names registered at Powerpipe (a reseller for enom), as my main domain name for the account. I logged into my account at powerpipe to register my brand new nameserver IP's that I got from httpme (which set up the account right away...good job guys!), and I find that I cannot register my nameservers with my brand new domain name. I have to buy a special "Pro Account" which supposedly comes with hosting and email for all of my domains. This account costs an additional $21.

Now, $21 is not a huge amount, however, if I am setting up my own nameservers, why would I need a "pro" hosting account from the registrar to set up email for my domains. Chances are that people who need to register their domain name as a nameserver have the ability to create email accounts for their domain names, anyway. I was so upset at this idiotic requirement, that I decided to transfer my domain to Godaddy, which makes it super easy to register name servers. It's also cheaper for me to transfer the domain to GoDaddy for $7.95, and then register my nameservers there, than to pay Powerpipe $21 to set up this special "pro account."

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this along to help keep others from making the same mistake that I did. From now on, I am only using GoDaddy to register my domain names.

If you all know of other registrars that do not have dumb requirements like this, please let me know, just in case. Thanks!
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