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news Dynadot Auctions Changes


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Sep 28, 2012
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Dynadot is updating the Expired Auctions. Got this email;

Thank you for participating in our Aftermarket. We're making a couple of updates to our auctions next year and we're sending this notice to keep you in the loop.

On January 3, 2023, we're changing the way Expired Auction prices are displayed in the Aftermarket. Right now, the "Current Bid" section of an auction includes the bid price + the domain renewal fee. Next month, we'll be separating the renewal fee from the actual bid price when viewing an auction. For example, if a domain name has a $10 bid, you'll see $10 in the "Current Bid" section instead of $20.99 ($10 bid price + $10.99 renewal fee). It's important to note that the renewal fee itself is not being removed, it's still added to the final auction price. Renewal fees will vary based on the TLD in auction.

Another update we're excited to make is the launch of a new type of auction, called Expired Closeouts. Closeouts are domain names that didn't receive any bids in the Expired Auction. These domains will be set at a fixed Buy-It-Now price for 3 days. The price will drop every day if a successful purchase is not made during the Expired Closeouts period. For instance, the Buy-It-Now price for Day 1 will be $30, Day 2 will fall to $15, and Day 3 will drop to $5. If the domain isn't purchased in Closeouts, it'll continue to follow its normal expiration life cycle. Please note that renewals are not included in the Buy-It-Now price. The renewal fee will be added to the final cost of the order and will vary depending on the TLD.

We hope these auction updates provide you with an even better Aftermarket user experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Team Dynadot
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