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developed EasyLinkCloaker.com For Sale - Product Plus Website - Tutorial Videos Included

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Oct 27, 2010
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(This site and product has now been relisted on Flippa. Offers no longer being accepted here on DNForum.)

Hi All. We tried to sell this on Flippa, but ended the auction too early in the morning when hardly any action was going on at all.

We will be relisting this website on Flippa soon, but thought we should post it here for a brief opportunity for someone to grab up.

Below is a copy/paste from the auction description page. We will entertain offers for awhile and if none are accepted before we list again on Flippa, we will indicate here that the offer here is now closed. Send us a pm if interested and thanks for having a look.

Website Statistics and Collected Data

External Ranks

Google PageRank0
Alexa Rank3,649,620


Links in Google0
MajesticSEO Inbound Links419

Other Stats

SEMRush Keywords in Google2
Domain Registration Date 1 Sep, 2013

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What we are selling on this Auction:
This auction consists of the sale of an excellent link cloaking php script called Easy Link Cloaker.
(Please see the video tutorials here for details about how the Easy Link Cloaker works.)
Included with this sale is a new plugin generator software which customers can use to create a WordPress plugin that will load the Easy Link Cloaker admin area inside their WordPress dashboard as an iFrame.
(For details about the Easy Link Cloaker Plugin Generator Software, see this page on the site.)
Included with this sale is a front page sales demo video and 3 tutorial videos.
This sale also includes both the premium WordPress theme of the site, fully configured and SEO optimized with WP SEO by Yoast, and W3 Total Cache, fully setup with the best settings.
This sale also includes the domain: easylinkcloaker.com.
Product and Site History:
We acquired full rights to both the product and website awhile back (not from a Flippa auction) and set this on the back-burner until January 23rd of this year (2014).
The previous owner developed this link cloaker script and promoted it on the Warrior Forum for a brief time back in September, 2013. He promoted for about 3 days and made $175. Then he went in a different direction and quit sales.
He ended up selling full rights to both the website and the script to us and we have only now since January 23rd set up the site for our own promotions on our server.
We have also added an easy-to-use WordPress plugin creator software, whereby the customers can generate a plugin via the desktop software and load the Easy Link Cloaker admin area directly inside their WordPress Dashboard for their convenience.

Income Made Since Our Launch on January 23rd, 2014:
We have made a total income of $189 since relaunching the site on January 23rd - about 2 weeks ago.
$92 was made with transactions being handled on the JVZoo marketplace, where it is set up for exclusive transaction handling currently. (see attachments)
$97 was additionally made through direct PayPal purchases. (unfortunately, we cannot provide proof of these in particular as these were straight PayPal purchases mixed with other sales from our other sites)
The site originally was set up to receive payments through direct PayPal transactions, not JVZoo. It also had a "Get $5 Off" discount social sharing feature - both of which we discontinued, because even with that feature only one sale was made where someone wanted the $5 discount. The rest of the sales were full $17 purchases.
We have kept the "Get $5 Off" page on the site, however, for SEO purposes.

Keyword Ranking:
We have worked on the ranking of certain keywords for this site, and it currently ranks on page 1 of Google searches for its primary two keywords: "link cloaker" and "link cloaking".
It also ranks on page two currently for a whole variety of keywords related to link cloaking and link cloaker, and we have done all the work for these keywords that should see them move up in rank over the next month, and we are pushing hard to get the two primary keywords ranked in the top 3 spots of page 1. We will continue that push for the winner.
Traffic Stats:
Its important to point out here that this site gets very little traffic, and yet has made $189 in the past two weeks.
The sales conversion is at 4.11%, meaning for about every 25 visitors to the site, one of them makes a purchase. This is higher than average, and we are actually converting much higher since adding the WordPress plugin generator. Presently, the product is converting at 9.65% currently over the past few days.
We use Quantcast for traffic stats. You can see the quantcast stats for Easy Link Cloaker here:
Quantcast Stats for Easy Link Cloaker
Our customers have been a mix of people from different countries, not only the USA.

How You Can Increase Sales:
Increase traffic to this site and you will increase sales - simple as that. It is converting at over 9.5% currently, so it goes without saying really.

  • Post this product on the Warrior Forum as a Special Offer. The creator did this briefly and more as a test, and back then it was only the php script itself. But with our newly added bonus of the WordPress plugin generator, you can launch a special offer on the Warrior Forum, and you'll make more sales because a lot of people on there are WordPress users exclusively.
  • Promote affiliate products and add Easy Link Cloaker as a promotional bonus. This is the reason you need your own product. When you have your own product, it adds value to anything and everything you promote as an affiliate by adding it as a bonus. It also adds value to plr packages you sell or any other product you bundle together with it.
  • Sell a Resale Rights License for higher price. This is something that has never been done with this product. You can offer a resale rights license as an upsell after the initial purchase and charge somewhere between $27 and $47, depending on the type of rights you want to give away. Bundle it with some bonus plr products and you have yourself a good upsell opportunity to maximize your income.

The Winner of This Auction Receives Everything Listed Below:

  1. Full and Exclusive Rights to the Easy Link Cloaker php script. It will be your own product to do with what you will and will not be sold by us again, ever.
  2. Full and Exclusive Rights to the Easy Link Cloaker plugin generator software. This is what we created ourselves for this script as a bonus and we will not sell this software again to anyone, ever.
  3. Full and Exclusive Rights to the Easy Link Cloaker website, domain, tutorial videos and overview video.

The Winner of This Auction Will Also Receive These Additional Services:

  1. We will push the domain to your Namecheap account, which you can get a Namecheap account free.
  2. We will transfer the site to your own hosting account.
  3. We will continue our SEO push to get the keywords ranked higher for more visitors and more sales.
  4. We will set up the product for you on JVZoo if you need us to, so you can start making sales immediately. A JVZoo account if free. JVZoo takes out 5% for each transaction. Your payments are immediately deposited into your PayPal account when a purchase is made.
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