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Mar 10, 2008
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Please post 'sold' to claim your short brandable or keyword domain. Some are aged. Some keywords get high monthly searches. All priced to sell. Send offers via PM.

Three-character domain. Keyword searched 480 times per month, according to Google keyword tool. Every major extension registered, including a number of country code TLDs. The .com is not developed. The .biz, .co, .de , and .ro (and probably more) are all either developed or redirect to developed websites. He2 is the symbol and atomic number for helium. Registered in 2009. Expires 9/28, Fabulous. BIN $69
1,900 monthly searches performed for this exact keyword. $1.25 CPC. Four years old. Expires 9/23. Moniker. BIN $50
Four-year-old domain. 10 Expires 10/9, Fabulous. BIN $40
Los Angeles is full of 'em. Google results:"la...s=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Expires 10/2. GoDaddy. BIN $69
Short and memorable. Excellent brandable domain for a movie website. Expires 9/21. Moniker. BIN $49

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