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developed Edirectory License with 3 Additional Website Packages


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Jun 26, 2006
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Edirectory Offer: www.edirectory.com

My loss is your gain. This is for a complete edirectory licensed version , unbranded and 3 add on websites complete. This means essentially you can have 4 websites by the top directory software platform in the marketplace.

The only reason I am selling this is because I have taken on a large project and cannot finish the sites I started. There are no domains included with this package, although I may throw a couple in to the buyer.

Total Value: $3500.00 …Will sell it for $1700.00 complete. The edirectory people are willing to work with the new owners and will help with the install or give a discount if it involves something special. I have all direct communication with them and they are very responsive. Can be reached easily by phone also a big plus.

They have an outstanding hosting plan available for license holders and I can say this company is great working every step of the way with their clients.

You can see the pricing right here: https://www.edirectory.com/orders/ so you know this is a very legitimate offer.

The additional sites are $500.00 each and all this can be administered from 1 admin panel..Very Nice


About Edirectory:

eDirectory is the leading software platform for publishing powerful directory-driven websites with ease.
In just a few clicks, a stunning, beautifully designed directory website can be online, ready to generate a recurring revenue stream for any business. eDirectory’s system includes a full-set of advanced features including: Lead Generation, Payment Processing, SEO Center, Site Management, Blogging, Email Hosting / Notifications, Native Mobile Applications, In-Depth Reporting, and so much more!

Contact me direct with any questions.

This is a great opportunity to get the leading directory software package available today.

I am NOT associated in anyway with edirectory, I purchased this for my company and have complete authorization from edirectory to sell my license. I can discuss this with anyone that is interested. In addition when you purchase there are no more fees involved and you own the license outright - unbranded. However they have a great support package and that includes all updates etc on their platform, well worth that for the sites. (In my opinion)
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