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Nov 16, 2013
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Hi everyone,

We are listening to offers on both Edmonton.ORG and Pyongyang.ORG.
We would be happy to sell both in a bulk deal which will work out cheaper overall or seperately.

Highly searched GEO .orgs do not come available often and when they do they go for big $.
Just recently went at godaddy auctions for around $5k and the buyer got it for well under value in my opinion. That should have gone for high 4 figures minimum. puts at $117k and the domain was registered in 1997 and has all main extensions long taken of course. Edmonton gets 165k monthly searches in Google and for the last 2 months it has received 200k.
It has a CPC close to $3, this domain is as premium a geo .org as it gets.

Pyongyang has seen it's searches dramtically increase due to all the world events and it makes it a perfect time to buy this domain and build a site on it. It gets 74k monthly searches in Google with a CPC of over $2.
However, December got 165k searches and January got 110k which are huge numbers.

All offers via PM.

Thank you!
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