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news End user domain name sales: drones, battery packs and sushi

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Andrew Allemann

Companies ranging from drones to home battery packs bought domain names last week.

Sedo had a somewhat slow sales week, turning in 480 transactions for about $1 million. Still, there are some great end user sales to report.

Orison, a new plug-n-play home battery system, now owns Orison.com…but is forwarding it to Orison.energy. The new TLD Holz.kaufen sold for a nice sum, and a Japanese term for vacation rental or AirBnB-type renting sold for $17,000.

I also want to bring attention to the $9,999 sale of DroneSales.com. This domain was registered in 2010, which proves that getting ahead of the technology curve can be profitable.

Here are some end user domain name purchases from the past week:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Minpaku.com $17,000 – the domain is registered to Frontier Co in Japan. Minpaku is a term for vacation rentals/AirBnB in Japan.

Orison.com €13,000 – Orison is the name of a plug-n-play home battery system. The domain name forwards to Orison.energy.

Resco.com $12,200 – Resco Electric buys the .com to match its .ws domain name. Yes, this company has been using Resco.ws.

Dilli.com €12,000 – The domain has whois privacy, but a landing page says the site will be for the people of Dilli (the capital of Bharat, India).

DroneSales.com $9,999 – The buyer is involved with drone racing. A splash page is already up.

MyMoni.com €9,700 – Arkansas marketing firm Thoma Thoma. I suspect it’s for a client.

Grabbr.com $9,000 – Media company Dunham Group. A splash page promises it will be “the only social marketing tool you will ever need”.

MyADC.com $8,800 – Healthcare firm Austin Diagnostic Clinic. It’s just up the road from an Austin Regional Clinic location, which uses the ARC.clinic domain name.

Sushi.tv $6,000 – Hong Kong gaming company NGames Interactive.

BIMCentral.com €5,000 – Inivicara, which provides Building information modeling (BIM) solutions. I haven’t heard this term since this.

Holz.kaufen €5,000 – Lumber company Osto Holz. .Kaufen is a Rightside TLD and is German for “buy”.

Hubtel.com $5,000 – this is a “typo” purchase by Hubtell.com (with two l’s).

BillConway.com €3,900 – The Carlyle Group bought the name of its co-founder.

MarkMall.com $3,000 – Mark Fairwhale, which appears to be a Chinese fashion company.

CEO-circle.ch €2,800 – This domain forwards to Ctalks.ch, a site for executives in Switzerland.

SmartWinch.com $2,650 – The whois record is private, but the domain forwards to MyLifter.com, a winching system.

710wor.com $2,200 – iHeart Media bought the domain name for one of its New York radio stations.

SWplus.com $2,200 – Southwest Paper sells more than just paper. So perhaps this is part of a rebranding exercise.

LiveMedia.eu €2,000 – Live Media, an event streaming company in the Netherlands.

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