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End user domain name sales up to $156,700

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Andrew Allemann

Guest leads the bunch, and Procter & Gamble buys a, too.

Sedo handled 526 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.3 million. The biggest (public) sale was for £108,000 ($156,700).

There were some other solid sales, including Procter & Gamble picking up for £15,000 and a pharmaceuticals company buying the name of a new drug.

Here are some of the end user domain name purchases from the past week on Sedo:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.) £108,000 ($156,700) – What does a bedroom furniture company want with I don’t know, but they spent a lot on it so they must have grand plans. $40,000 – MAIF if a French insurance company. I can’t figure out what this means. Anyone? €25,000 and €5,000 – continues to buy high-value domain names. $23,000 – Health Union bought another health-related domain. $22,000 – as best as I can tell, International Business Systems S.R.L. has a service for selling in-game items and virtual currencies. £15,000 – Procter & Gamble. It already owns the .com. $12,000 – Japanese petroleum and metals conglomerate JX Holdings. €5,800 – PharmaFGP GmbH just released a painkiller called Rubax MONO. $5,400 – The Minery sells human resources (HR) technology. $5,200 – the domain has whois privacy, but it appears the buyer is Taiwan Joca Corp., a kids clothing and toy company. $5,000 – An e-commerce Williams Commerce €4,000 – Construction firm PRO PROJEKT Baumanagement & Planungs GmbH bought the .com to match its .at domain name. $4,000 – BioRay, “the natural detox company”. €3,500 – Screen Visions GmbH does audio visual displays. I imagine this is the name of one of its upcoming products. €3,500 – Interactive Schools creates websites for schools and colleges. $3,000 – Colorado real estate company The Crocker Group. $2,750 – Diamond Resorts Holdings. €2,500 – the domain resolves to a page promoting a bulk voice call service in Iran. $2,650 – KingsHaven Design and Development in Pennslvania. $2,250 – Slovakian health care company SPE Corporate.

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