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offers Entire Portfolio ('s, Numerics, Keyword Domains etc)

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Feb 9, 2009
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Taking offers on any or all domains in my portfolio:'s / CVCV (GoDaddy) Expiry: 16-Dec-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 01-Nov-16 SOLD (GoDaddy) Expiry: 11-Apr-16 SOLD (GoDaddy) Expiry: 13-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 05-May-16

Numerics (GoDaddy) Expiry: 06-Nov-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 15-Jun-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 04-Mar-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 28-Feb-16

Short names (3 characters) (GoDaddy) Expiry: 16-Jun-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 26-Jul-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 18-Jun-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 18-Nov-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 30-Apr-16

Keywords/ Brandables/ Brand Names/ GEO (GoDaddy) Expiry: 14-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 09-Jun-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 19-Apr-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 16-Oct-16 (eNom) Expiry: 07-Jul-16 (Network Solutions) Expiry: 14-May-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 07-Feb-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 20-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 05-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 25-May-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 13-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 13-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 08-Nov-17 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 08-Sep-16 ( Expiry: 22-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 22-Jun-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 20-May-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 21-May-17 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 31-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 04-Feb-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 26-Jul-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 27-Oct-16 (Network Solutions) Expiry: 26-Oct-16 (TierraNet) Expiry: 03-Nov-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 16-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 21-Mar-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 09-Feb-16 (Network Solutions) Expiry: 20-Jul-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 01-Apr-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 04-Apr-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 16-Feb-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 25-May-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 23-Dec-16 (Network Solutions) Expiry: 12-May-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 07-Nov-16 (eNom) Expiry: 20-Sep-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 21-Dec-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 20-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 11-Feb-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 22-Feb-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 14-Jul-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 01-Nov-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 06-Apr-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 08-Jan-17 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 04-Oct-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 27-May-16 (eNom) Expiry: 21-Nov-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 21-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 18-Jan-17 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 12-Sep-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 14-Jun-17 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 11-Aug-16 (GoDaddy) Expiry: 02-Sep-16

Please post your offers below or via PM. Any accepted offers will be subject to payment within 24 hours.

Please note: PayPal payments are available for established and trusted (good feedback) members. Those with little or suspect feedback will be required to complete payment via Escrow.

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Any questions, please get in touch.
Update: and

Any more offers?

Thanks for all of the interest in my domains. If anyone else wants to discuss any of my names, please get in touch.


Any more offers?

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