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Escort Directory Glamour-Escorts(.)com-Making $5,000 a Year For Sale!

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Oct 25, 2005
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Hey guys, looking to sell my escort directory Glamour-Escorts(.)com- It's been online for several years. I was waiting for Google to update pagerank as it's currently a PR3 but it was previously a PR4 and I have fixed the issues it had that made it drop so I was waiting for it to go back up to a PR4 at the next update, but Google is taking forever to come out with the new pagerank numbers so i figured I would throw it out there and see if anyone is interested.

As mentioned in the title it makes about $5,000 a year, but if anyone is set up to take credit card payments or has paypal I am sure it would be closer to 10K a year that you could make. I had my paypal account frozen a couple years ago and since I am an expat I let my American bank account go, so I really only sell links on it if the person is willing to buy a yearly link for $500-$1,000 minimum. It is just too much hassle to deal with smaller payments but like I said if you were setup to handle cc payments or even had a paypal account you could definitely make more with it than I do. I have probably turned down 20-30 people in the last year alone that wanted to buy links for $100-$300 so if you were better equipped to deal with smaller payments I am absolutely sure you could increase the revenue.

The site ranks well in Google and has a lot of pagerank strength even though it shows only a PR3 publicly (I am pretty certain that inside Google it is back to a PR4 internally). The site gets ok traffic but nothing major, about 10,000 pageviews a month. But anyone that deals with escort sites knows that advertisers are always more concerned with getting the link so they rank higher in Google (most never even ask me what my traffic stats are) and in that regard the site is very strong. I dont have a shit ton of outbound links like most escort sites and I have some very good link exchanges with major sites. Most of the traffic that I do get is from quality countries like the USA and the UK/Western Europe.

Also for sale is a newer escort agency site EscortsGlamour(.)com- that I put online in March but since Google has not updated in that time it shows a PR0, although it's highly doubtful that is is anything less than a PR1 or PR2 - it is actually ranked #1 in the world on Google for international escorts so Google seems to like it quite a bit.

I dont have a specific price in mind, just seeing how interested people are but I would like to get around a years worth of earnings for the directory site, the other one I have no idea, so just make me an offer by email to modelinglinks[@]yahoo[.]com if you are interested and make sure to put GFY somewhere in the subject line to make sure I see it.

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