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Jul 21, 2004
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http://www.AnyVoice.com $28
Good name for a forum or blog.

http://www.AprilFirst.net $24
Perfect for a gag site or joke site.

http://www.beJudged.com $30
Photo rating site name.

http://www.CustomFlashDemos.com $28
For anyone who creates flash demos.

http://www.DaytraderLounge.com $20
Popular online profession.

http://www.DemoTestSite.com $18
Used previously to test new scripts for web hosting clients.

http://www.DesktopCMS.com $40
Software category.

http://www.EatSalads.com $30
Diets and dieting site.

http://www.Enjoyables.com $90
Nice one name domain. Very versatile for a retail site.

http://www.FaqSites.com $70
Link exchange site or portal site.

http://www.fHelp.com $30
Nice short .com

http://www.fifaScores.com $60
Football scores or fan site.

http://www.fifaodds.com $60
Betting site or football portal.

http://www.GayGuideUK.com $75
Gay travel portal.

http://www.GoodCrime.com $20
Good name for a mystery site or law site.

http://www.HostAcquire.com $160
Perfect if you want to set up a hosting broker business.

http://www.HostingEmployment.com $90
Run an online employment agency directed at the hosting industry.

http://www.IslandMenus.com $60
Good name for a Caribbean restaurant portal.

http://www.IraqPOWs.com $60
Very Popular topic.

http://www.ispGB.com $200
ISP Great Britain, big potential

http://www.ItsFirst.com $28
Nice short generic name.

http://www.ItsReady.com $28
Nice short generic name.

http://www.JustSaying.com $90
Great name for a public forum or blog.

http://www.LosMenus.com $20
Menu portal for latin clientele.

http://www.LycosHelp.com $30
Use your imagination.

http://www.kwanfan.com $30
Fansite for skating superstar Michelle Kwan.

http://www.MyHilary.com $40
Hilary Duff fan site? Very popular entertainer right now.

http://www.Notated.com $30
Nice one word domain.

http://www.PetWedding.com $60
Becoming popular. People actually get their pets married. Good name for a retail site.

http://www.RareCover.com $275
Great name for a rare stamp, comic book or record site.

http://www.SlimCoach.net $175
Dieting site or personal trainer site.

http://www.Sofjoy.com $25

http://www.StrictlyScripts.com $125
Script repository site.

http://www.TargetedAdvertisements.com $40
Nice targeted ads site name.

http://www.TargetedClients.com $60
Even better targeted ads name.

http://www.TheChefsBible.com $40
Take off of the popular book series. (the sauce bible, the soup bible etc.)

http://www.theGNU.com $40
Software repository.

http://www.theWeeklyStar.com $100
Good name for a weekly newsletter.

http://www.UnitedIraq.com $80
Very popular topic in the news.

http://www.VendorFood.com $18

http://www.WeWorship.com $80
Religious portal.

http://www.WHTescrow.com $70
This gets mentioned on WHT about every 2 or 3 months. Someone should do it.

http://www.Yamn.com $40
Young Adult Ministries Network or some other acronym.

http://www.YoungNurse.com $40
Versatile. Could be an adult site or a blog/forum for nurses.

http://www.YourSorry.com $50
Nice name for a greeting card site or retail site.
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