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Mar 11, 2011
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Hi everyone! New here, looking for a little feedback on some of my domains ;)

I have 400+ domains that I mostly registered around 2006 and 2007.

I have been developing websites since 1997, a time where positioning was very easy if you knew how to code properly with minimal SEO work. But around 2005, things started to get a little tricky. So, to help my clients out a bit, I started to register some domain names (without them knowing) with strong keywords. That way, I was just making it somehow harder for their competitors to get their hand on these domains and give to my clients a few months on Google first page with their preferred keywords. And it worked... for a time. Good enough.

Finally, I not only kept most of them, but got a bit addicted to this, and in the end got a few more in 2007, just because I could. Fun time ;) No real ambition in capitalizing on them, just plain old hubris. I got some people who found me out and ask me to sell some to them, but either ignore them or tell them I wasn't interested. I parked some on Sedo to test some monetization. Didn't got much, but had no real expectation.

Then in 2009, someone asked (again) for one of my domain through Sedo. Again, not really interested, but since I had so many of them, I finally told myself: "why not? If the transaction gets through, that can be a nice experience." It was a geo-domain + a French keyword ( - sorry, don't want to give it away). It was a nice pick, but not one of my best domain. The guy asked for 120$. Since I wasn't a really motivated seller, I asked for 720$. And since it was French, I really wasn't expecting anything. Well, the guy accepted right away. No negotiation. Very very quick transaction. It was really suprising, and Sedo was very efficient at securing the transfer.

So out of curiosity, I started to read a little on domain appraisal, but it seemed very confusing, vague and subjective for me at the time. So I didn't really bother, and stop thinking about it. I took them off Sedo's market (I have websites to build, and didn't want to be distracted) and stayed only for the parking. Since then, I moved them on Parked for no real reason.

Flash forward to fall 2010. Came back to reading about appraisal, and somehow things started to get clearer. As I was able to better evaluation my portfolio, I was able to appreciate how ridiculous were some of my domains, but I was still surprised that most of them had aged well. Some of them are easily in the xxxx, and maybe a few in the low xxxxx by now. Besides 2 domains, they are all .com .

So after a few months of analysis, I decided this week to get some "human feedback", and this forum is my starting point. I'm not really into selling them, and I'm not showing my top picks. On a scale of 1 to 10, I guess they are anywhere between 5 to 8, just so I could get an average price spectrum for this collection of mine. I'd be really appreciated any input. So fell free to be serious or laugh at me (trolling is funny).
- I like this one... catchy, and would probably be a nice domain for plane ticket sale
- What's interesting with this domain is that it works well in English and French, a definitive + in Canada
- I got a few latin expression domains like that. Sound like a videogame too.
- Some will scream at trademark infringement, but really there is a gray zone. It was registered around the time "google" entered the Webster's dictionary, and before Google took action with some domains using it. It can be used, but there are some small rules to follow. Perfect for development firms, using and "praising" Google services. I love Google, but have not yet had the time to develop anything around it. I also have
- I understand 2-words geo-domains containing "law" historically got a nice price tag, so here we go.
- Again, a geo-domain. Mont-Tremblant is an popular resort with its fair share wealthy tourists. And they got a brand new casino 1 or 2 years ago. Not Vegas, but still...
- Funny... you can troll me on this one. ;) Got it after seeing NPH in Harold & Kumar.
- For the lazy who won't Wikipedia this expression, that's the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I'm not a "new age" kind of guy, but I find it cool nonetheless.

So, do I keep them another 6 years? ;)
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