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resolved Forgot password and e-mail is inactive

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Valentine Korzh

Hi, I want to promote one domain name and when created a thread it asked me to register.

When i entered the username it says it's taken and i thought maybe i registered before, but i don't remember the password.

So what i did is I tried my old password and it doesn't work, then i entered that e-mail on old domain and it sent password reset link there. The only thing is I don't have that domain anymore along with e-mail.

So what I have is my username: dzvalentino
My full name: Valentine Korzh
My date of birth: 24/02/1990
My old e-mail:
I don't have that domain anymore along with e-mail
And also the date of registration is approximately July - August 2009

I don't want to create a new account because I already have this one and it's important to me.

Neither I want to register again to get e-mail just to reset password. :)

Is it possible somehow to reset it with new e-mail It's my personal e-mail and it will not get expired.

Also want to add is that i definitely registered here in 2009 when was in USA for summer, just barely remember. If my username is busy and e-mail too it means i registered.

Thanks in advance and sorry for disturbance.

Valentine Korzh


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