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i have brought.. invited many to this 4M.. and all in GOOD LIGHT..
any of the multi posters/multi names posters.. here can not be taken at face value..

i would advise anyone who wishes to post negitave comments about msWandaMay or WandaMay..
cause you wont' have a leg to stand on..

my posts have always been upright..

if i threaten you in any way... then it is your personal problem, and not mine..

ifyou can back what you say.. then so be it.. but the negitive posters here, can not.. this has been proven..

they choose rather... to run someone down, which is not worthy of such..
but when questioned about their 'name status' they want to leave the chat..

what does that tell you?

we're not all 'simple minded' mr/ms Cheetah..
Not open for further replies.
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