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developed Free Web Host for sale FreeNetHost.net

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Aug 4, 2005
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I am putting FreeNetHost up for auction. I have decided to move into more static websites with high content and wish to find someone that can take over the site and offer the current hosted sites good customer service.

Site address: click here

View stats: click here

View revenue: click here

Clients currently hosted on our server and would need to be moved. They are offered cPanel/fantastico at moment. We have accepted both domain and sub-domain hosting. 95% of sites are sub-domain. The sites use about 15 GB of transfer per month.

The accounts offered are 300MB and 3GB of transfer per month. The site is setup to also for paid hosting.

Site is currently listed in over 30 Directories and is submitted to all the search engines.

Site design is coded in PHP and is a totally unique design and receives around an average of 30 requests per day for hosting.

Currently there are over 130 active accounts with ads placed on them. We have been only accepting those that have websites that are ready.

The site does come with an autosignup script, but we have decided to not use this script and go with manual signup to maintain our quality. We still offer autosignup on paid accounts which does setup their cPanel for them automatically and gives them their account within a matter of only minutes.

Starting bid: $100
BIN: $555 or equal to current 10 months revenue.
Current High bid is $300 from WHT.

Bids accepted via PM or post here.

Payment VIA PayPal only.

Current high bid is $300 from WHT bidder. Bidding will end in 24 hours unless BIN is met before that.
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